Magic Slider Aperture Card -Butterflies Card

Magic Slider Aperture Card
I first saw this sliding mechanism in a children's book and was fascinated by it.It is such an ingenious technique.The flowers framing the circular aperture are punched flowers adorned with gems and pearls.

Magic Slider Card
It is amazing to see the dull pen drawn images magically transform into colorful butterflies.I saw many examples on the net using stamped images. 
Butterfly Slider Card
I haven't really tried stamping so used a sticker instead for the image on the magic slider card. 
magic slider card
Slider Card Pulled up
Here is the close up of the punchcraft flower
Heart Flower Punch Paper Rose
The red rose was made using 5 hearts. Check out the heart punch rose tutorial.


  1. This is so beautiful ! I am surprised that its not followed by a tutorial !!

    1. Pooja you are so kind..its one of my early cards...didnt make tutorials then!


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