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In accordance with the European Data Protection Policy [ GDPR] it is my duty as the author of this blog to state that when you leave comments or follow this blog via Google Friend Connect your profile, name, profile picture and comment will be visible to anyone who visits the blog and follows the link in your comment or profile.
Your visits to this blog are counted via blogging gadget  and reflect  in the visitor counter and blog stats and are not used for any other purpose.
If you wish to subscribe to this blog you may do so by entering your email in the sidebar widget and you will get an email when I post a new blogpost. I use feedburner for this and do not personally store your email or share it  with any persons known or unknown. You can opt out anytime
Thank you and have a good day
Dr Sonia S V

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In accordance with the new European Data Protection Laws (GDPR) do understand that by commenting your comment, name and other details such as website link will be visible to all who visit this blog .

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