Porcelain Embellishments tutorial

Porcealin tutorial 14
Porcelain tutorial 
          Dear friends Thank you so much for all love and support on my handmade flower bouquet tutorial and all the wonderful wishes to my mom.I think this would be the first time she is getting so many wishes from all over the world !!

Porcealin tutorial 16
Porcelain tutorial
So many expressed interest in the porcelain heart I used in the flower bouquet and here is yet another project using handmade porcelain embellishments  plus the promised tutorial to making the “faux” porcelain heart embellishment .Both the white “porcelain” heart and flower on this altered project are handmade.
Porcealin tutorial 13
Altered project
This is the plastic box I altered to make a notepaper holder.Lined the box with pattern paper and sealed the edges with washi  tape. I love how easily washi can mask and smoothen the cut edges in a 3 D project.
Porcealin tutorial 10
Handmade flowers
Made little feet for my knick knack holder by gluing on glittery beads!Went to town stamping and cutting leaves for my handmade roses.
Porcealin tutorial 12
Porcelain tutorial 
Added a dangling heart charm to match the stamped die cut lacy hearts and porcelain heart.
The porcelain hearts and flowers in this altered photo frame were my first experiment and if you look carefully you can spot the jagged edges on the porcelain flower embellishments.
Porcealin tutorial 1
3 D decoupage
I used shell shaped beads and pretty pattern paper to frame the 3 D decoupage pyramage roses.
Porcealin tutorial 4
3 D decoupage
The porcelain  hearts turned out perfect every time!
Porcealin tutorial 2
Porcelain heart

How to make Porcelain Embellishments

Porcealin tutorial 4
Porcelain tutorial 

Materials Required to make Porcelain embellishments

  • Hot glue gun – I used the regular size one not the mini one needed for the mod melts
  • Glue sticks –I used regular glue sticks and not mod melts.You will find glue sticks in 2 sizes in the market- the regular size and the mini ones. I have seen 3  colours of regular size glue sticks – transparent, milky white and a woody colour types in my local craft store Itsy Bitsy. [ the wood colour is the most expensive but still cheaper than mod melts] I used the milky white one to make the porcelain embellishments
  • Silicon moulds – mine are chocolate moulds picked up from my local supermarket. the plastic ones wont work and the plunger cutters wont work either [ don't try as I managed to spoil one lovely plunger cutter  experimenting with hot glue!!]
  • Scissors- to trim jagged edges
Heat the glue gun so that your glue is really flowing
Porcealin tutorial 5
Porcelain Embellishments tutorial
Press the nozzle and let the glue fill all the nooks and crannies of the mould. You need not fill in the whole mould if you don't want a very thick embellishment. See the little porcelain star I made by partially filling the star mould.
Porcealin tutorial 7
Handmade embellishments
Let the glue dry – takes less than 10 minutes and pop your  porcelain embellishment out of the mould! Use a sharp scissors to trim any jagged edges at the base and your porcelain embellishments are ready!
Porcealin tutorial 6
Porcelain tutorial 
These are so quick and easy to make not to mention super economical! In no time I had a plethora of handmade porcelain embellishments !
Porcealin tutorial 8
Faux Porcelain tutorial 
I think the dolphin and seahorse would be perfect for a beach theme project  but my favourite  is still the porcelain heart .
Porcealin tutorial 9
Paper roses
I cant resist sharing a picture of the pink lipstick in my altered box [It’s actually a pen -dont you love it when your local stationary shop yields such treasures!!]
Porcealin tutorial 11
Altered Box

Edited : this project came top 3 at  Kraft zone[theme washi + stamping]
Supplies : Washi tape, Kaisercraft music note stamp ,Heartfelt creations leaf stamp and Spellbinder leaf die [Priya], Spellbiner Rose creations [Crafters corner],Glue Gun [commercial street].Archival Ink pads,DCWV floral foliage recollections,Spellbinder lacy heart,Glitter beads, Shell beads,3 D decoupage rose sheets,Glue sticks[Itsy Bitsy], Silicon moulds,Lipstick pen- Big Market Sahakaranagar
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