Pop up Card cake

Pop up Card cake
 For my daughter 's teacher for Diwali we made a  pop up card cake
Pop up Card cake

The design is from Canon.

Glass Painting- Butterfly

Glass Painting Butterfly
This is a glass painting of a butterfly .Here I have used different types of  out liner instead of the common back glass out liner.For the backing I used the common kitchen aluminium foil.


Shaker Card-Flower Garden Birthday Card

Shaker Card
This is a birthday card Kuttu[my 4 year old] and I made for her friend Smriti's Birthday.The front of the card is a simple cut out and has a penny slider mechanism for the child to play with.Inside is a pop up -billowing flower garden made with transparent plastic stems and punched out flowers and leaves.We also put in a shaker card as most children love shaker cards.The pop up flowers is a pleated card- simple to make with kids.Here is the link from Valita
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon,Head and Neck Specialist,Bangalore

Pop up card- face-School project

Pop Up card Face
My daughter was learning "senses in school",so we made this pop up - spring up card of the eyes, nose,tongue and ear.My little one stuck pictures depicting the senses near each sense organ!

Mechanical Card-Moving eyes

This is a card I made for my daughter's school project on "eyes"as part of the theme on sense organs.On pulling the tabs the eyes move!Its a delightful card for a child to play with.

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