Pop up card Frog

Frog Pop up card and school project
This is a frog pop up card made for my daughter's theme in class on creatures seen in the rain.She decorated the card by herself and was so proud of it!We even stuck an insect on the frogs mouth!
This is one of the simplest types of pop up cards for kids to make[ They might need help on the eyes in this design but you can always skip that part!]

Dinosaur Kinetic card

This is a simple but cute Kinetic card in which the jaws of the T Rex Dinosaur move.I got the template of this card from the Toymaker.

Slider Card Teacher's Day Card

Teachers Day Card- Slider Card
Sharing a simple easy to make Teachers Day card- Its a fun interactive slider card
Teachers Day Card- Slider Card
This is the close up of the penny slider mechanism on the teacher's day card we made.The flowers are made from multiple punched flowers.
Click for the link to different Card making tutorials

Pop up Card Spiral Pop up Flower Teacher's Day card

Flower Basket Spiral Pop up card
This is a teachers day card we made for my daughter's teacher. Its a basket I cut free hand.The bunny is a 3 D decoupage and the inside is a spiral pop up card garden.
Flower Spiral pop up Teacher's day card
Here is my link to making a spiral pop up card and tips and tricks.

Slider pop up Teacher's Day Card

3 D Decoupage card
This is a slider card cum pop up flower card made for my daughter's teacher on Teacher's day.The Teddy bear is a 3 D Decoupage picture.
Slider Card Girl
The doll sticker slides across the card revealing the " Happy Teachers Day" Sentiment.

Slider Card Doll
The pop up card pattern inside is from the net-- I cant find the link -- if anyone knows please do leave me the link in comments section.

Pop up Card Flowers

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