Magic Sliding Cake Card

I am so excited to share this latest project of ours. Its a new technique I discovered.We made it for my mother's birthday but my daughter liked it so much that she gave it to her granny and later promptly brought it back to our home!
Slider Cake Card Closed Position
Slider Cake card top layer pulled out
Slider Cake card 1st and 2nd layers pulled out

Slider Cake card 3rd layer pulled out
The Complete 4 tiered Birthday Cake Card
 The layers of the Cake are pulled out one by one or all at once and can be pushed back in. The 4 tiered cake is huge indeed!.The images below are the closeup of the punched and quilled flowers we used to embellish the card. The icing is handcut recycled photopaper.
Magic Slider cake Card
Pop Up Slider Cake Card
I got the idea for the card from a card project at the Canon site. 
Here is the link to the tutorial:Sliding Cake Card Tutorial

Pop Up Cake Card

I made this pop up cake card using a free template from a Japanese Site.Its a very simple birthday card which can be put together in minutes.
The Japanese site is Paper Museum  and has lots of free papercraft and card templates. The only thing is the its in Japanese and instructions are not there.


Pop Up Birthday Cake Slider Card

Pop Up Slider Card as a Birthday Cake Card
Pop Up Slider Cake card

On Pulling the Tab the Birthday cake Pops up. The Birthday cake is a sticker. The bow is handmade and so are the Birthday candles.
Popping Up Cake Card

Quilled Cake Card
Quilled Candle
We used golden corrugated card for the candles and quilled teardrops for the candle flames.This card can be made in a jiffy Check out Pop Up Slider Card Tutorial

Pop Up Hamburger Card

Pop Up Hamburger Card
This is a pop up slider card made by my daughter. On pulling the tab the burger slides up to reveal the message

Pop Up Slider Card Burger

This Pop Up Slider Card was made by my daughter with a little help from me. The concept and idea was totally hers. We were in MacDonalds eating Burgers when she got this idea. This is her Birthday card for her Dad.[She calls him Boo Boo lovingly!]

Pop Up Card Fries and Sauce
The Card opens to reveal a popping up table with sauces to dip the French fries. Isn't it a cute idea from a 4 year old!.We can even do advertisements for MacDonalds!
Pop UP Card Mechanism
That is the Mechanism of the popping up table.
For Help to make a Pop up Slider Card Check out my Pop Up Slider Card Tutorial

Pop Up Slider Card Tutorial

Pop Up slider Card
This is a tutorial for the pop up slider mechanism I used in an Interactive school project chart for my daughter.On pulling a tab the image pops to reveal a fact sheet underneath the pop up card.
Pop Up slider Card
This is my first tutorial so please do forgive me for any shortcomings. A Pop Up Slider Card is such a fun and easy card to make and has become a favorite of sorts because of the various creative possibilities with this card.It is an interactive card which on pulling the tab creates a Slider mechanism that makes a part of the Card Image Pop Up!
Materials to make a Pop Up Slider Card
  • Card Paper 
  • Craft Knife
  • Pen or Scoring tool
  • Ruler[ Scale]
  • Glue
  • Foam Tape or Double Sided Tape
You need 3 basic card pieces to make a  Basic Pop Up Slider Card
The Base Card shown here is a standard A 4 card folded in half - You need only half of the A4. I usually keep it folded as I use the Pop Up slider Card for the front of the Greeting Card and do more work on the inside of the card.
The Top Card is half of the A 4 card
The Slider Piece can vary in Size depending on your needs- Its size should be such that you have enough space to stick your top card to the base card and still get a smooth and sturdy sliding mechanism
Slider card Pieces

Place the Slider Piece on the back side of theTop card and lightly mark around the bottom, right and left sides.The Slider Piece can go low enough on the top card leaving enough space to glue the top card to the base
Slider Card

The green dotted lines in the photo are the outlines of the slider piece. The parallel blue dotted lines within are the actual cut lines on the Top card. This makes your slider piece bigger than the slot on the Top card. I found it better to make the slider piece bigger or smaller than the Slot in the Top card as this gives a smooth sliding mechanism.
Slider Card Tutorial

·         This photo illustrates the score lines and cut lines for the Pop Up Slider Card. The red Dotted line can be made at the center of the rectangular area. The lower rectangle is the area which is going to eventually Pop in the sliding mechanism.
Slider Card Tutorial

   CCut along the Blue Dotted Lines with a craft knife. This gives a rectangular Flap of the Top card Be sure to keep the edges smooth as otherwise your sliding mechanism won’t be smooth.
Slider Card Tutorial
·         Fold up the lower rectangular half towards you. For those of my readers familiar with Origami, this means Valley fold the red dotted lines.
Slider Card Tutorial
Fold the Upper Score line of the Rectangular flap away from you. [This means mountain fold at the top of the rectangular flap]
Slider Card Tutorial
·         Flip over this Top card piece and this is what you get.This photo shows the front of the Top card.
Slider Card Tutorial
·         Take the slider piece ,score and Fold around 1 cm of the bottom edge of this slider piece.
Slider Card Tutorial
Slider Card Tutorial

Slider Card Tutorial
Glue this tab created on the Slider piece to the backside of the lower edge of the rectangular flap of the top card. This Creates the Slider Mechanism. 
Slider Piece Of Slider Card Attachment
Slider Card Assembly
Pop Up Slider Card Assembly
If you have made your Slider piece larger than the slot in the top card- snip off the extra slider piece at the lower part at the tab to create a smooth slider mechanism to the Pop up Card.
Slider Card Tutorial
Slider Card Making
Your Slider Mechanism is ready. 
You can Chop off the excess slider piece from the top of the card after creating a pull tab with the top card piece in the flat position.
To Complete the card,stick the assembled Slider Piece- Top Card to the base card.I prefer to use thin Foam tape or Double Sided tape.This is fast, easy and non-messy! This is the part where my daughter chips in. She loves to tear of the Sticky tape! 
The Tip at this stage is to keep the Attachment points of the top card to the base card well away from the slider mechanism so to give enough room for a smooth sliding action.
Making a Pop Up slider Card
Your Pop Up Slider Card is ready. I have purposely not mentioned much measuring. This is one card which can be done offhand. You can make it as big or as small as you want. A good way to use up those nonstandard leftover card pieces.
Assembled Pop Up Slider Card
Now  enjoy embellishing your card - Quill it, Stamp it ,Place a Sticker,Photograph, use a 3 D Decoupage image, beads and baubles-- the possibilities are endless.
I was inspired to start making this Pop Up slider card using a Tutorial at : http://prickandstitch.ismycraft.com/cardmaking-projects/pop-up-slider-card-with-prick-and-stitch-train/
 I hope my first tutorial is useful.Please Do key down your comments.
Examples of Pop up Slider Card
Pop Up Hamburger Card
Pop Up birthday Cake
Pop Up Slider Mechanism in a School Project


Photo Slider Card

Photo slider card

Photo slider card

Photo sliding card
This is the outside of the Superheroes Card. Another Photo slider card.Keeping in line with the fun theme of characters I made sliding images of BruceLee and Cleopatra! Brucelee changes into Cleopatra on pulling the slider card tab! I wonder if there are still any BruceLee fans out there?
Quilled Happy Day
Some quilling too to add to the look!These are the closeup photos of the quilled sentiments, quilled balloons and quilled heart ,quilled flowers and quilled present I put in.

Quilled Balloons and Gift
Quilled Heart and Balloons


Superhero Photo Pop up card

Superhero Pop up card
This Superhero Photo pop up card stars my hubby. My daughter and I had fun making this card. We used a free photo editing software call Fun Photor  [website: http://www.funphotor.com] for changing Dad into Superdad! I made all the images pop. Hubby is soon planning a trip to Denmark so I got some pics of Denmark and used them as the background. This was a fun birthday card to make!
Superhero Photo pop up card side view

Spiderman Climbing Up Card

I made mirror images of the Spider-man image in a standard photo-editing software to give a more realistic appearance to Spider-man climbing up the buildings!
Superheroes Pop Up card
You have to Climb and Climb before You can Fly! Good Day Everyone!


Photo Slider card Double Slider card

Double Slider card
This is a Double slider card as it has 2 slider mechanisms.
Photo Slider Card
Photo pop up card
On pulling the tab ,the underwater scene slides down to reveal a photo.
Mechanical Card
Sliding card
The sliding fish is like a penny slider but I used a paper disc instead of a penny to make the card lightweight.This card is actually the back side of the dolphin card in the earlier post!
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