Sliding Barbie Princess Castle Card

Barbie is quite popular with little girls nowadays and my little one is no exemption.This is a typical little girls card A Barbie Princess! My daughter is so involved in card making that she even decides what theme birthday card she wants  for a particular friend based on the the friends likes and dislikes!Here is the fun Sliding Barbie Princess card we made.
Slider Card Barbie Princess 
The Barbie card slides up to reveal another Barbie princess underneath.I made the aperture in the shape of a castle .

Barbie Card
My daughter helped to stick the pink handmade paper flowers on her castle!

Barbie Princess Card
These are the flowers used to decorate the card. They were made out of small circles glued together and a white pearl placed at the center.Here is the link to the circle flower tutorial.The white shiny dots are pearly white 3 D glitter.
Circle Flower
 This crown was cut  using a new Crown punch I couldn't resist buying .
Crown Cut out decoration

Double Slider Magical Card

Double Slider Card Closed View
This is an interactive card. I love making a card with an interactive and unusual mechanism. This is a fun card which on pulling the tab on one side make 2 cards slide out from opposite ends.Its really magical.
Double Slider Card Slider Card panel
Double Slider Card one sliding card
Sliding Mechanism of Double Slide Card

Double Slider Card fully Slid open
  It is easy to make and instructions can be found on many places on the net.The images on this card are exclusively stickers. I used puffy 3 D stickers on the top panel and flat stickers on the sliding card panels. This type of card cannot handle 3 D embellishments as the slider mechanism will not work well with heavy and protruding decorations.
We have not decided who to give this card to. It should be a fun card for one of my daughter's friends.

Recycled CD Craft

Recycling CD Craft
Recycled CD Craft 
You may be having lots of CDs you have no use for. Here is a simple yet cute craft to recycle CDs. This recycled CD Mouse craft was made by my 4 year old daughter in Summer camp at Planet kids . My daughter told me its to hang in our car but we felt little mouse should stay in our home and gave the little mouse a place in our drawing room!
How to Make this Cute Mouse
Materials to make a recycled CD Mouse
Old CD
Black colored Paper
Pink Colored paper
Sticky tape
Googly Eyes or Hand cut eyes

CD Craft-Mouse 
To make the ears cut out 2 large circles from black paper -with younger kids cut the circles out for them.Older ones can trace around a cup and cut out the circles.
Cut 2 smaller circles in pink paper and stick them over the large black circles
Make a radial slit on the circles and curve the flaps to create a ear shape. Glue or staple to hold the shape
Stick to the back of the CD using sticky tape
Make whiskers from thin black paper and stick on to the CD
Use Googly Eyes or hand cut white- black eyes for the little Mouse's eyes
Finally tape a loop of ribbon at the back of the CD so that you can hang your creation. Have Fun
How about a more elegant recycled CD craft ?
Check this link on how to make a box with recycled CDs
Recycled CDs craft
And dont throw away those CD cases : Here are some projects with recycled CD cases


Sponge Roses Bouquet

This is a bouquet of homemade Sponge Roses .
Sponge Flowers Bouquet
Check out how to make these sponge flowers.
Sponge Roses Bouquet
The small rosebud on the bottom left hand corner is my 4 year old daughters idea and creation!


How to make Sponge Rose Bud Flowers

Sponge Roses Tutorial
Sponge Roses Bouquet
I am on a flower making spree! Making flowers from sponge is perhaps a forgotten craft. I remember seeing many sponge creations in my childhood but hardly anything now. Online too there are very few sponge flowers on Crafting blogs. While spring-cleaning I discovered some sponge sheets I had bought long back and decided to put them to use!
The flower I am going to show you is super easy to make. My daughter has made one too as you can see!
If you are crafting with kids let them roll the flowers but they will need help tying the final rose bud as the floral wire can be sharp for little fingers.
Sponge Flowers
Materials Required
Sponge Sheet - comes in so many delightful colors.
Floral Wire
Sponge flower making tutorial
Sponge Flower Making 
 1.Cut the sponge sheet into rectangular long strips
Length of the Sponge Strips: the length can vary with how full you want your rosebud to be.Short ones will make a bud while long ones can make securing the final flower difficult. I used on an average a length of 30 - 35 cm strips
Width: Don't cut it too narrow as it makes working with the rolling and securing the sponge flower difficult. Cut the width between 4- 5 cm.
Tip: You don't have to be really exact. My 4 year old even helped me cut the strips. Thats the wonder of working with sponge.Sponge Cuts even smoother than butter and all inaccuracies are lost in the stretchability of the material
Sponge Rose Flowers Tutorial
 2. Fold the rectangular sponge strips lengthwise
Sponge Flower Making
 3.Start rolling from one end.

How to make Sponge flowers
Here Is my daughter making the sponge flowers
Sponge flowers Kids craft
   4. You can add a twist if you like by making a 90 degree turn as you go along. It gives some added dimension but the Rose bud looks lovely even with simple rolling.
Sponge Flower Tutorial

Sponge Flower Tutorial

 5. As you roll you can shape your Sponge Rose Bud Flower.Keep a Tight hold on the flower base as you roll it.
Sponge Flower Rolled Rosebud
6. Take Floral wire and loop it loosely around the base of your Sponge rosebud.
Sponge Flower Making
Alternately if you like stitching you can secure your sponge rose using a needle and  thread to secure the base.
Sponge Rosebud Flower
Tips:Don't make the wire loop too tight as it can cut through the fragile sponge.Making it too tight can also change the shape of your flower. Don't worry its easy to get the hang of it even at your first attempt!You can stitch the base if you don't have floral wire.Using floral wire makes it very easy.
Sponge Flower on Floral Wire
7. You can cut off the Floral wire or keep it and use your rosebuds however you want.
Finished Sponge Sheet Flower
Some ideas to Use your Sponge RosebudsMake a brooch - In this case you can stitch the base to make it sturdier.
Adorn a gift
Use it as a card embellishment
Sponge Flower on a bamboo stick
Make a bloom and put it in a flower vase
Red Sponge Flowers
Rolled Sponge Flower
This is my daughters Sponge flower. See how cute it is.
How to make Sponge flowers
These are ideal flowers for little hands to make as they dont squash like paper and just rolling is required! This is one of the sponge flowers made by my little girl!
My Daughter's Sponge Flower
Our bouquet came together in no time! A bouquet of Sponge flowers!
Sponge flower bouquet
Edited: This Sponge craft flowers won 3rd Prize at Mindful Meanderings
Where to buy sponge sheets ? : Since sponge craft was an art popular in the 1980s and fallen out of memory it may be difficult to get sponge sheets these days.Your local fancy store may be stocking these if you are lucky!Otherwise keep a look out for sponge sheets that come as packaging when you buy electronic items or crockery.


Craft Supply Stores in India

craft stores India
Getting craft supplies in India is a challenge . 
        In this post I would like to share with you some of  the craft stores in major cities of India and online craft shopping portals .
Check back often on this post as I shall keep updating this based on new shops I discover or new buying experiences.
Please do post your favorite Indian craft supply stores here. Give as much details as possible such as City and area,Craft supply available eg paper, punches etc
Whether you consider it pricey , high quality etc and if your craft store is a friendly neighborhood store do tell us if you have to bargain!
For Indian Crafters selling supplies :please do post  your  link or contact number here so that everyone can benefit
General Guideline to Buying Craft Supplies
What I have found when buying craft materials be it card stock , papers, punches or the fancier cutting dies...prices vary tremendously from shop to shop, city to city ,seller to seller and even within the same shop or seller from time to time!!
Craft sellers especially online sellers keep having sales and discounts which may be seasonal/festive or as a competitive strategy[to compete with other sellers having the same product]. 
Often craft supply sellers lower their prices by several hundred rupees to beat the competition or clear their stock [ If you are buying when the stuff goes on sale its ok but how about the other side of the coin?I have personally been  unluckily affected by this trend when just days or weeks after I buy a product the same seller decreases the price to a considerably lower rate].
So if you are planning to buy fancy stuff online do explore prices, shipping charges,discounts etc at the different seller's sites.
And if its something new and you dont know comparative costs, do resist  and wait for at least a few weeks as prices tend to fall when the competition joins in !!

Online Craft Shop Links Based in India

[Disclaimer : I dont get any incentive to write this review-- just sharing  experiences about my craft purchases!! Only giving details about the sellers with whom I have had experience buying]
I have been guest designer/designer for some of the online shops but the view expressed here is in no way influenced by that !

Crafters Corner[Delhi ] 

Crafters Corner is fantastic craft supply store with a flourishing online shop. Owned by crafter Shalini Mittal . Her shop has a huge range of imported craft supplies ranging from exotic punches and dies to paper cutting machines. I bought some fantastic Cheery Lynn dies from Shalini in Nov 2012 when she had a sale for them.I was super pleased by the prompt service--I got notification when the money was transferred ,when the parcel was sent with courier tracking number and delivering in 1 working day !I was thrilled that her courier charges are nominal [always a concern with online shopping!] and she even waived off the courier charge since it was my first purchase. One more thing I especially like about her is she is very very prompt in responding to product queries be it on facebook or email.
A very intelligent entrepreneur...the crafters corner team send me a discount coupon to tempt me to spend on my birthday..and yes I couldn't resist the offer!
For the die hard crafter her store is a must visit !
  • If you want imported craft goodies this may well be your first stop as the range is huge!
  • She offers further discounts on wholesale purchase
  • Often has the lowest price for any particular imported craft item!
  • Tip : Keep a watch on their facebook page as many a times discounts and giveaways are announced on facebook rather than on the website!
  • They also have a Crafters Corner destash page on facebook which has sales at fabulous prices
  • Has cash on delivery
  • March 2016 update : Very innovative discount system using coupons to avail of discount depending on your purchase . See this link to know all the coupons you can apply to get the maximum discounts on your purchase at Crafters Corner : Crafters Corner Coupon Codes

The Craft Shop.in [Chennai]

Owned by Priya Sivaraj a talented crafter from Chennai. She not only has the fancy stuff such as imported dies and papers but also craft staples
The first item I purchased from Priya were Sizzix scallop oval dies and I was very much impressed with her professional dealings .Since then I have bought from her several times and her service is always super fast.
    • Very fast service.She will ship you the product in no time at all!
    • Shipping rates are nominal 
    • Tip :Since her products are often unique and her prices competitive...her stuff sell out pretty fast. So you have to be fast to get the good bargains!

Itsy Bitsy 

Itsy Bitsy has physical stores in some cities in India and also an online shopping portal.Has products  for different crafts. 
  • Some products are only sold online while some are only sold in the physical stores.
  • Tip : Has periodical sales and then they slash prices drastically
  • They have sales when they open a new shop .
  • Keep a watch for their big sales...that is when you can splurge!
  • They have free demos and classes from time to time at their physical stores and have a talented group of designers

Rainbow Craftykari 

         Owned by talented crafter Maninder Kaur from Punjab. Maninder is a crafter at heart and apart from having a lovely craft store she also teaches specialty  crafts like mixed media and decoupage.
          I was extremely attracted to the super gorgeous metallic embellishments Maninder stocks in her shop. She also has gorgeous pearl strings, hard to get pom pom lace and several unique embellishments. 
          Her prices are economical  and her website user friendly. She'll message as well as email you all the courier details and  there is a definite personal touch in all the dealings......something I loved since I am an old school person who still likes to buy from a person rather than a website!!
         Something of special note is her meticulous packing...wooo not seen such beautiful packing in quite some time... each tiny embellishment was individually bubble wrapped  and an MDF gate in my package had a triple protection packing of cardboard, thermocol and bubble wrap ! It felt so nice to see such awesome packing and care being taken to see that  it reached the customer in perfect shape.
Special tips
  • If you sign up on her website - you will be mailed a special discount voucher for your first time purchase
  • Follow Rainbowcraftykari main group and destash group on Facebook as that is where special discounts are announced on a regular basis!
  • Maninder is also a talented artist and holds classes on a regular basis

 A 1 craft supply[Mumbai]

I was most attracted to her shop for the economically priced punches and the interesting embellishments! I didnt buy online from them but picked up the stuff when I went to Mumbai. The young couple who run the business have some exquisite stuff which are not too hard on your pocket.I took quite a number of punches and got a good discount too. I must especially appreciate the fact that when I reported some issues with 4 punches I had bought they immediately replaced the same without any fuss even taking the trouble to travel hours in Mumbai traffic to deliver the new punches.
Huge variety of jewelry supplies


I bought some exclusive fantastic shiny papers,Pie Lane products and  many Jef punches from Jovi. Since she is a very creative crafter herself she stocks stuff which are in vogue!


This craft supply store is Owned by Reena Gupta. I generally have a policy of not buying from Facebook stores but when my Bigshot broke down and I needed spare-parts I was guided to Reena Gupta by the reputed craft seller Shalini Mittal so I did not hesitate in interacting with her. Reena was very prompt in responding , send the parcel promptly and though I bought just the tiny big shot bearing it came beautifully packed. Her shipping costs are also nominal. She also stocks beautiful pearl strings, pollen,charms, papers, quilling strips and many crafty stuff which are in great demand by crafters.
She is currently[Jan 2020] conducting Calligraphy classes

HNDMD - art and craft supplies
Beautiful range of products both for artists as well as crafters. They have a first purchase special discount offer when you sign up for their mailing list and also has a very attractive free shipping offer when you purchase above 3000 which is always an added advantage and a big consideration when you are shopping for heavy supplies such as papers, metal embellishments etc
One of the best items in their shop is the Sakura air drying clay and they have a very tempting range of craft moulds
They have economical decoupage napkins, their own brand of paints , papers, stencils and stamps
Love the quality of their colored card stock though the  batch I got fell short of the  standard 12 x 12inches dimensions

Mansi Die Cuts and More [Delhi]
Hobby Ideas
Khushi Arts
Gurubaran Tanjore ArtsTanjore painting materials

Craft Stores in Bangalore 
Itsy Bitsy ,They have several branches in Bangalore:Check this link for the maps: Itsy Bitsy Store locator
They keep having sales and then its time to really stock up on craft supplies!
1. No.77, 21st Main Road, Banashankari Stage II, Near B.D.A Complex 
080 6452 1296 ‎.This is an exclusive craft material supply store. It has 3 floors! Something for every hobby be it beading, painting,clay crafting,baking,paper crafting or if its something for a party or school project this is the place to go to!
Itsy Bitsy BEL Road Branch-No.1, New BEL Road, 1st Main, 2nd Stage,RMV Extension, ISRO Road,Bangalore - 560094.Tel: 91 80 23412599
This is the branch nearest to my place so I am a frequent visitor there. It is huge and spacious. Has literally everything for a crafter. Sewing supplies, Baking supplies, Paper,Quilling,Beading supplies .
Sapna Book House, Elements Mall
Sapna Book House has many branches but the new one in Elements Mall is packed with  lots of craft supplies including Fabriano Cardstock, foam sheets, Art materials by renowned brands such as Staedler, Daler Rowney etc
Devi and Co,Ethiraj Complex,Ebrahim Sahib Street,[ Parallel to Commercial Street,Phone: 08025588894
Its a small shop but don't let that fool you its a treasure trove and you have to watch your pocket!
Punches:Huge collection of Jef and Punchbunch punches.Now stocks Ek Success and Martha Stewart punches. 
Quilling: Strips in various widths, lots of colors including shaded , metallic , graded shades. Quilling comb, crimper,cork board,Quilling fringer.
Variety of craft kits if you want to learn a craft :Parchment craft kits, quilling kits,Cut and tuck kits,iris folding kits.Emboss painting kits.
Good collection of stencils-Local,fevicryl .
Lot of spray paints.Acrylic Paints in large bottles are very economical.
Tanjore Painting ready made kits.
Parchment craft paper including colored ones, grids,needles, embossing tools and embossing mats.
Good collection of rare craft books but these are imported so expensive - many books on punch craft and quilling.
Cutting mat.Ceramic powder, Imported clay, Thai Clay, Resin Making solutions, Soap making and  candle making raw materials
Huge variety of veiners, clay cutters,silicon  molds for both clay and chocolate making
Also has imported  paper trimmers and circle cutters. 3D decoupage sheets, Volume decoupage sheets, printed tissue papers
Our Own Store ,Commercial Street.327,3rd cross ,Narayana Pillai Road,Commercial Street. The board has faded away and you might miss it if you are not careful.Its quite near the main commercial street Road.
Craft material available: Beads, Kundan ,Lots of pearls in all sizes.Embroidery stuff, yarn, lace, huge variety of buttons.Flower making stuff - different colored wires, stocking,pips/ stamen,leaves.Googly eyes - different sizes but all round, currently priced at Rs 3 for a pair.No paper
Tips: Know what you want . The elderly Muslim gentleman who runs the shop can give you a good bargain if you take a lot of stuff but its difficult to bargain with him. His prices are reasonable
Ravi craft Store,Commercial Street,Kalyan Complex,2nd Cross road, Commercial Street. 
Walkable distance from the Our Own store so be sure to check both out if you specifically want something.
Beads,Pearls.Beautiful Embroidered stuff.Huge collection of ribbons. Some pretty fabric.Googly eyes in round and oval shape price at present Rs 5 a pair.Flower making fabric limited colors and stamens and pips less variety the last time I went.No paper.
Tips: If you are an avid seamstress this will be a treasure trove for you. For the paper crafter you will get some exquisite ribbons and embellishments. Do bargain!
Batchu Art and Stationary,#141/1,Ebrahim Sahib Street,[ Parallel to Commercial Street]
Lots of ribbons,paints,papers.
Quilling Materials:Quilling strips in 3mm,5mm and 10mm sizes in many colors including gold. They also have corrugated quilling strips, quilling slotted instrument,Quilling crimper,Combing tool and quilling circular template[ is that what you call it?]
Orion Paper Mart,#13/1,Ebrahim Sahib Street,[ Parallel to Commercial Street].This shop is opposite the earlier Batchu Store
Has lots of satin as well as plastic ribbons, Embossing kits,Embosser in several designs.Foam stickers at great rates.A small selection of Craft punches at reasonable rates. 
MA Mateen& Co ,Ebrahim street- Near Orion Paper Mart
Thermocol balls and sheets- in various sizes
Mahendra Novelties:#114 & 115 Raja Market 1st Floor,Avenue Road,Bangalore 560002
How to reach there- a nightmare to drive into if you have a car--we parked at Unity Building JC road and took an auto.
Huge variety of crafting materials- would be good place to go when you need items in bulk for a craft class or workshop or order.
Punches are limited.Large foam sheets in many different colors .
Soft toy making : huge range of fabric and fur and eyes nose etc
Jewelry making: lots of stuff but on price and quality comparison I found Itsy Bitsy superior!
Flower making stuff:some unique  stuff including wire, pollens, stockings, sponge, net.
My main crib with this shop is they are so slow to serve you and you end up wasting more time just standing there waiting for the guys to get the things you requested for and since I have my little one towing along  she gets so bored and irritated I end up exasperated!!
They sell most things whole sale so for the "non die hard" crafter it may not be worth the trouble to endure the market place hustle and bustle to reach there!

Big Market Sahakaranagar
Good bargains on foam, glitter foam, felt , quilling strips.Pom pom balls , googly eyes and fancy buttons at competitive prices

Craft Stores in Andra pradesh

Sree Jagadamba fancy stores,Secunderabad

Craft Stores in Kolkata

Hobby Ideas ,Starmark - Lord Sinha Road ,Emami Market, 3,Lord Sinha Road
Ph: (033) 40063314 - 40063303

Hobby Ideas , Starmark -South City Mall , Shop No. 234, 2nd Floor, 375,Prince Anwar Shah Road, Ph: 033 - 40072216Kolkata-700068
Craft Supplies in Chennai [This list has been updated with information from http://goodgrace.wordpress.com/chennai-craft-shops/]
Anandha Stationaery Store- Online sales avaialble
General Craft Supplies
Shastri Stores(Nungambakkam)- everything from fabric paints,beads to embroidery thread, gifts, lil gadgets and craft books for kids
Selvam Stores:near Nungambakkam Independence park ,tel:09444233868
Selvam Thread Stores(Village Road)-from iron-on applique patches, Matty cloth (cross stitch), lace, decorative zari borders, material, zips, crystals, ribbon rosettes.and other sewing notions (Not open on Sundays)
Raja Thread Stores, off Ranganathan street, T.Nagar (in the lane beside Textile India),Beads, jewelery pliers and findings, canvas, paints, gold/ colored papers (not open on Sundays.) candle making and other craft kits.Small shop BUT well stocked with craft supplies.
Pandian Thread Stores, off Ranganathan street, T/Nagar (opposite Raja Thread Stores):They stock jewelery supplies like seed beads, beads, wire etc. Also have a good collection of mehandi pattern books, knitting needles and yarn.
Flower Bazaar near Currimbhoy’s (Paris Corner)- stiff buckram and cotton gaada cloth -many small shops selling handmade lace by the metre,wooden buttons,coconut shell buttons, iron-on applique patches, embroidery thread, candle making kits, crystals, flower making wire, beads, tiny bells and ribbon rosettes..Note: always take a guide with you!
R.R Fancy stores - threads, wool, soft toy materials and other craft supplies.No:8, Umpherson Street, Chennai-600 108,Broadway (Near Hotel Saravana bhavan)
Suncity Enterprises- soft toy materials, beads and other jewelry making supplies- wholesale rates…bulk quantitiesAddress:New 165, (Old 140), First floor,N.S.C Bose Road,Chennai -600 079Contact:41471599/ 9381471599
Avon Enterprises (Arts and Crafts Shop)- wholesale dealers in fake fur cloth , tiny metal bells(for Xmas ornaments), soft toy materials, jewelry making supplies, flower making supplies, embroidery and painting kits etc,big collection of ribbon with wired edges which you can bend into shape[good for those big bows and garlands] ,paper quilling supplies &handmade paper.Address:68, Narayana Mudali Street,M.K. Plaza,Chennai- 600 079Contact: Mevadas Vaishnow,9380521622 / 9380031502,25382877/32915462
Madhu Trading Company (Importers and Wholesale Stationers):They stock a HUGE range of paper punches, paper embossers, crayons, clay and other stationery. Cheaper than Landmark for the punches and bigger selection than other shops!!Phone: 25387740/42153526Store Manager: Suresh JainmImport Manager: Rajesh JainCustomer Care: +91 9884723604,Email: info@stationeryworld.com,Website: www.stattioneryworld.com.Address:64/5 Narayana Mudali Street,Chennai-600 079
Fabric Shops in Chennai
Pantheon Road /Cotton Street(Egmore)-cheap yet sturdy cotton and synthetic fabrics, material of different widths ranging from 36″ to 60″
Noori Lace Shop, Pondy Bazaar- handmade lace and thread…also limited range of beads and satin ribbon.Address:New # 111, old # 57, near T.Nagar Post Office.T.Nagar,Chennai-17
Thakurdas Choithram-velvet, denim, corduroy and other hard-to-find materials
Sornam Stores (Pondy Bazaar)-open on Sundays Plain pillow covers in pastel shades, plain towels and Aida Fabric also known as Matty cloth in about three different shades in addition to white.
Paper Stores in Chennai
Aesthetics:Handmade paper from the Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. [ Rs 35 per sheet] Handmade paper , stationery .86 Aarti Arcade,Dr. Radha Krishnan Salai,Mylapore
Sankeshware:Sankeswara prints and sells wedding cards primarily and have handmade papers. Ground Floor( right side),Justice Pratap Singh Building (I.O.A. Complex),Old No 35, New No 69, Royapettah High Road,Chennai- 14(same complex as Modfurn and Hallmark)
Hindustan Trading Co:paint-brushes,paints, glues ,cutters and paper embossers- huge collection of Craft Punches ,stencils.Shop Nos 171-172, First Floor,Justice Pratap Singh Building (I.O.A. Complex),Old No 35, New No 69, Royapettah High Road,Chennai- 14.Email:hindustan_trading@yahoo.com or hindustanartcentre@yahoo.co.in
Mercury Cards & Paper:Mahesh Chandak,Mercurry Cards & Paper,#56/1, (New 10/1), Anderson Street, 2nd Floor, Chennai – 600001(Close to the Flower Bazaar Police Station & Olympic Wedding cards)Ph – 94443 35357

Craft Suppliers Mumbai

Mahavir Traders.comr:Mahavir Traders,192, Pathare Mansion, L.J. Road,Nr. Citylight Cinema, Mahim,
Mumbai - 400 016- 
Went there in Dec 2012 and was amazed at what can be stored in a small space-- a crafters paradise-- If you want imported crafting tools this is the place to go!Huge variety of imported punches, cuttlebug, fiskars tools,ribbons,quilling kits, clay modelling tools,Some unique imported quilling kits and 3 D paper craft kits. Large variety of papers too!Also stocks some Pie Lane stuff.
Hobby Ideas, Noah's Art,Ground Floor,Kwality House,Kemp's Corner,Mumbai - 400 036.022-23825621, 

Nagashri Arts - Paper crafting and other art and craft supplies Located at Poonam Nagar , Andheri East, Mumbai. Ships all over India too.
Sterling Syndicate, 263, Abdul Rehman Street, 7, super shopping complex. mumbai-03 (ph-022-23427368)
Supernova 2 &4 Barar House, 237/243, Abdul Rehman Street, Mumbai -3Contact No 23428307

Harish Collections - Stocks Pie Lane Stuff.Shop No 9, Embassy Building, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053(91)-(22)-26319628, 26334412
Crystal collection:44/a vivina bld;(nadco shopping center) s.v.road andheri west mumbai-400058,ph:98208-70787

Khushi Arts and craft supplies Craft punches , Fiskars  ,  Embossing Stencils
Address:73 ,Manaji Rajuji Building ,1st Bhandari Street , Null Bazaar , Mumbai - 400004.Contact Number : Sheetal Vohra 9869301765,022 - 23878608,email:khushi_arts@yahoo.com
Pooja craft & embroidary:25,b.m.c market,opp railway station,borivali west mumbai-62,ph no:98925-67446
Om art and craft:73,3rd bhoiwada,shop no-2,bhuleshwar,mumbai-400002,ph no:022-22423930
Rolex paper mart:41/45 sutar chawl,abdul rehman street mumbai-400002,ph no:022-23421580/23449021
Gannet India :Stocks Fiskars brand.Sells online too.Contact person Mr Chandrakant Khopade;4/462,Ramdoot,M P Marg, Currey Road(E),Mumbai - 400012.Tel : +91-22-24715304,24705204M : +91-9323002978

Craft Supply Stores Pune

Leader Stationers  :Shop No 7 & 8, Bhakti Plaza, Aundh, Opposite Aundh Police Station, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007,020 2588 6071
Pie Lane:The Pie Lane Studio,Shop No. 12, Dorabjee Enclave,Salunkhe Vihar Road,Wanawadi,Pune-411040,Ph: 020-26838461.Email:-info@flexmagcrafts.in ,srinandasen@gmail.com,tonvanh@hotmail.com

Craft Supply Stores Delhi

Camel Art Center, A 263,Defence Colony ,NewDelhi
Spardha has some nice pictures of this store on her blog
Itsy Bitsy 
Nirmal Stationers:2604/17 Ground Floor, Balaji Market, Nai Sarak, Chawri Bazar, Delhi-6, Delhi, India 110006.Phone:098 11 345714

Please do leave a comment below this post if you sell craft supplies so that I can add your link here
Please do post your favorite Indian craft supply stores here. 
NB: The sole purpose of this post is to give information to crafters.Though I have done Guest Posts and Design team work for some of the shops above, I do not receive any incentives for listing a shop or writing a review in this page.

Heart Punch 3 D Flower Tutorial

Punchcraft Flower
This large 3 D flower is made by sticking hearts together.
3 D Flower Tutorial
How to make a 3 D flower which you can use in your cards or as a decoration.
Materials required
Hearts 16
Heart Punch- optional but if you have it , it makes your job easier!
 1. Fold the hearts in half vertically
Heart Punch Craft Ideas
2. Apply glue to the under- surface of one heart and stick it to 2 other hearts as shown
Heart Punch flower making
3.This is a 3 hearts 3 D heart which pops up and also folds flat .This can be used as such to adorn your cards and other creations for decoration.

Heart Punch Flower Petals
4.Apply glue to the undersurface of one end petal of the above and stick it to another heart.
4 hearts Heart Flower Petal
5. Now you get a "4" hearts petal

Heart Flower Petal Tutorial
6.Make 4 such petals using 16 hearts in all. Using a heart punch makes this a fast job.

Heart Punch Ideas
7. Apply glue on the tip and side edges of the petals made in 5 and 6
Heart Punch Flower Petal
8. Arrange your petals and allow the glue to dry.My favorite glue is white glue which dries transparent.
Heart Flowers

Heart Flowers Tutorial
 9.Put a bead,pearl,quilled shape at the center.I cut leaves from corrugated paper to complement the flower.Do try these flowers.

Paper Flower Making
You can use this 3 D Paper Flower as 
  • A Christmas tree decoration
  • As decoration on a gift box
  • On a Card
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