Crafty Resume

Hi I am  Dr Sonia Suprabha Venugopal, an ENT Surgeon from India. I stay in the  beautiful city of Bangalore with my husband, teenage daughter and fur baby Toffee [a Siberian Husky] . 

I started this blog in 2010 as a way to chronicle crafts and school projects made with my daughter who at that time was just a toddler. Over the years my crafting skills evolved, my blog grew and I became part of a beautiful crafting community.

I had a passion to share simple tutorials on my blog and I was amazed at the love and support I got from all over the  world. In 2016 my blog clocked 5 million pageviews and when I decided to celebrate it with a series a giveaways for my readers it was overwhelming to see the sheer support I received from the global and Indian crafting community ! I had a whopping 14 sponsors chipping in to help celebrate and I actually had to refuse quite a few sponsors to make it a manageable!

When the pandemic struck I took a break from blogging but when I restarted blogging in 2023 I was surprised that the blog stats showed my blog was still popular with the search engines !
Over the years I have had the good fortune to have designed for some amazing craft companies both Indian and International.
I am a versatile crafter with an eclectic taste .I love working with different products
I have been a designer for Crafters Corner , the premier craft supply store in India with a huge range of imported supplies as well as their own brand Dress my Craft. I designed for Crafters Corner for a period spanning more than 5 years from 2014 to 2018.
I was able to  work with new products, do detailed product reviews and write step by step tutorials for the company.
My Projects designed for Crafters Corner can be found at the Crafters Corner blog and their social media accounts.

 I was also lucky to have designed for Crealies   a Netherlands based company owned by Annelies which has the  most amazing and versatile cutting dies.I love working with metal cutting dies and so this was a very enjoyable period for me as I got to think outside the box ! I had to step down from the team when the pandemic struck.
Itsy Bitsy is largest craft retail shopping chain in India and no crafter in India will not know about Itsy Bitsy. I have been lucky to have been invited to design for them on several occasions.
I was also given a huge honour and invited to inaugurate a new shop of the Itsy Bitsy chain at  Sahakaranagar,Bangalore.
Itsy Bitsy Store Inaugration

With me is Rashmi Closepet the founder of Itsy Bitsy. You can also see my daughter in the  background.
With Rashmi Closepet 

I have also had the honor to have guest designed for t
The Craftshop owned by the lovable and dynamic Priya Sivaraj who also has her own brand The Craftreat.

Handilane ,owned by the super sweet and talented Rakhi. Handilane is the specialist in MDF products and it also boasts an ever increasing range of unique and traditional crafting supplies.

At the peak of my bogging I was listed twice in a row in Top Indian Blogs  in 2017 and 2018

My Foam rose tutorial was published in a national newspaper
My Paper tree tutorial was published in School Life magazine

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