Foam Flower Tutorial - Cala Lily

Handmade Photoframe
Dear friends thank you so much for the wonderful sweet comments on my previous post of handmade foam flowers.The foam cala lilies were so easy to make that I whipped up some more and added them to a handmade photoframe
Handmade Foam flowers
Added Marianne die cut leaves and pink punchcraft roses to mellow out the purple Cala lilies.[The gorgeous white flowers are a gift from blogger friend Jovi]
I feel so happy when I get requests for tutorials and extremely thrilled when one of my tutorials is appreciated or put to use !!
Here is the  Cala Lily foam flowers tutorial
Materials required
Foam-you can get foam sheets in A 4 or large chart paper size sheets and in different thickness.I found that cala lilies are best made with the thinner type of foam sheet.
To cut the Foam :use scissors, dies or foam punches .
To make the Cala Lily Petal : Cut foam into rough hearts.If you are hand cutting  the hearts dont obsess about getting a perfect heart shape as it doesnt really matter for the final appearance of your foam flower
Foam flower tutorial
To make the Cala Lily Center : I used Amos playdough as it dries without cracking and is super lightweight so ideal for paper crafting. You can also experiment with a paper mache type roll, paper rolled on a tooth pick or even a ear bud[Q tip] dipped in paint like I did in this post :Pop up card tutorial [yes you read right..I did use a slim ear bud for those paper cala lilies!! We ENT surgeons dont recommend using ear buds in the ear but I had some lying around so crafted with them!!]
I got the idea for the heart shape and the play dough center from some pins I had pinned here : Flower Making tutorials.
To make the Cala Lily Stem - use floral wire/other wire you have ; tooth picks, skewers, ear buds , paper rolls or even a used ball point pen refill![More recycling ideas welcome!]
To Glue it all together- If you are the patient sort use white glue[Fevicol]Otherwise ..I found the hot glue gun the quickest and easiest option for making these cala lily foam flowers.
Foam flower tutorial
Roll a pea sized ball of playdough  into a tapered rod and insert thin floral wire nearly to the center of the rod.Place it on the center of your inverted foam heart and apply a dot of hot glue on the playdough right at the base as shown in the photo of the foam flower tutorial
Foam flower tutorial
Fold over one half of your petal. Apply another dot of glue at its base as shown and fold over the other half. If you are happy with this shape then your cala lily is ready otherwise fold over the top edges of the cala lily and optionally add a teeny bit of glue to hold in place. [I found some flowers retained the fold even without any gluing!]
Sharing how I made some easy leaves you can add to any project.
Leaf tutorial
Die cut,Punch [caution: punches and glitter paper usually dont get along] or Freehand cut leaves .I freehand cut some leaves from Itsy Bitsy Glitter card stock
Leaf tutorial
Place floral wire on the base of the leaf ,apply glue and stick waxed floral tape over it.Roll the floral tape on the wire to make a leaf and branch or add it to your foam cala lily flower.
Cala Lily tutorial
I can be crazy stingy at times and try to save the weirdest of stuff...the above photos show how I saved floral tape[Not because they are expensive...I just love floral tape too much to waste it!!] by wrapping my cala lily and leaf wires together and using the leaf's floral tape to make a stem!! Ha Ha do any of you get these crazy drives to save craft supplies....?
The photo shows the Foam Flowers card I had shared earlier along with my handmade photoframe
Handmade Photoframe
The photoframe is an altered old desktop calendar.Most of my readers have seen lots of examples of my recycling handmade photoframes but for my new readers here are DIY photoframe tutorials
The crystal flower on the photoframe is another easy to make handmade flower and here is the tutorial link : Crystal flower tutorial
Handmade Crystal flower
I made a collage for my pinterest readers to easily pin the Cala Lily foam flower tutorial.
Foam flower tutorial
I am again so grateful to my readers and blogger friends for the loving and supportive comments you write.I hope you enjoyed this handmade foam flower tutorial.
Foam Flowers
Supplies: Dies: Marianne Anja Leaves- Priya. White flowers : Gift from Jovita,Corrugated card- Mantri mall.Ribbon- Gift from Kalindi. Glitter paper- Itsy Bitsy
I have made flowers from some crazy materials .Here are links to some "non paper" flower tutorials.
Foam rose tutorial
Styrofoam /Thermocol Flower tutorial
Crystal Flowers Tutorial
Playdough/Clay/Mseal/Marzipan Rose tutorial
Spoon flower tutorial
Sponge flower tutorial
Beaded Flower tutorial
Aluminium foil flower tutorial
Salt dough tutorial
Easy No sew ribbon flower tutorial


Handmade Foam Flowers

Foam flowers
I do love to shop for craft supplies but somehow resist buying flowers for crafting as I keep thinking its more fun to make my own !!
When I tried making my own Cala lilies I found them surprisingly simple.The first ones I tried were paper ones you can see in this post : Pop up card tutorial.
The Cala lilies  on this project are handmade Foam flowers.
Foam flowers
Made a birthday card using my handmade flowers.Centered the foam Cala lilies on an embossed oval whose edges I distressed.Added pearls , a border punch and a punchcraft flower
Foam flowers
Made the bow using satin ribbon and Itsy Bitsy glitter paper strip.I jazzed up a metal-weed bicycle with pearls,plastic butterflies  and glitter and used it as a vase for my foam flowers
Foam flowers
Dear friends I have been crazy busy of late so please forgive me if I have not been dropping by.Will be back with a tutorial for the foam flowers.
Handmade flowers
Do tell me how the projects have worked out...I am a bit rusty!!
Supplies:Bicycle,Card stock[Raja Market],Foam [Auchan Mantri Mall],Beads ,Plastic Butterfly,Itsy Bitsy flower Embossing folder, Couture creations Oval die,Spellibinder banner die,Green Glitter paper,Glitter strips,Satin ribbon,Floral tape[Itsy Bitsy].Pale green embossed paper[ gift from Nupur],Pink heart[gift from Khushboo].Doily[gift from Sudha]
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