Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial

Hi friends , it feels so good to be back on my blog after a long sabbatical. My daughter had vacations in April - May and life was even more busier in June that blogging took a backseat.

We went for a vacation to an island resort in the  Maldives and it was simply the  best holiday ever with lots of fun on the beach and in the  water, swimming and snorkeling and really being in tune with nature as the  pristine waters of the  Maldives are simply fabulous for marine life.

This card reminds me of a lovely beach holiday and it is a special interactive card.

I used the  big ball die from Crealies  and lots of other Crealies  dies to make this fun interactive "Spinner Ball" Card.

The embellishments are all buttons I had hoarded for years waiting for the  right project!

The Beach ball on the  card spins on a wooden skewer stick!

And in the  picture below you can see it horizontal.

I had shared a Tutorial to this Spinning mechanism long back : Spinning Card Tutorial
And here is an updated version specifically to make a Spinning Ball Card
Here is how you can make the  spinning card mechanism:
Materials Required
Crealies Ball Die Cardzz No .14 
Cardstock : One A 4 card- fold in half, 2 pieces of 1 x 1 inch card, One card 8 x 4 inches
Craft Knife/Scissors
Skewer stick- at least 2 inches longer than the  ball
Adhesive : Liquid Glue, Adhesive tape
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 

You need 2 ball shapes...my beach balls are made with Crealies  dies[Crealies  Ball Die Cardzz No .14] and are pretty big.

Fold an A 4 card in half and place the  ball [half the  ball]on the  folded edge as shown above.
Mark the  semicircle around the  ball.
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Die cut or hand-cut out an aperture on the  folded edge of the  A 4 card in such a way that there is at least a 1/4 inch margin around the  ball when you place it as shown above
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Glue a skewer stick in the  center of the  ball using adhesive tape and strong wet glue.
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Stick the  other ball on top and hold with clips till the  glue dries
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Open the  folded A 4 card and place the  ball with the  stick in the  center of the
aperture so that the stick lies in the  groove of the fold. 
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Score and fold the
two 1 x 1 inch card strips every 1/4th inch to get an M shape.

Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Stick the  outer arms of this "M" on either side of the  skewer stick in such a way
that the stick can move freely inside the  groove.
Do this on both sides so that the  ball can swing and spin freely.

Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Optionally add a base using an 8 x 4 inch card scored and folded every inch.
Fold in such a way as to get a W as shown above and stick the  2 outer arms of the W
on the  base of the  folded A 4 card as shown above and below
Spinning Beach Ball Card Tutorial 
Here is a short video showing the  card in action

Decorate as you wish and your Interactive Spinning Ball Card is ready!

I hope you liked this card.
Supplies used : all the  dies are from Crealies   and you can buy them here : Crealies
 Linking to  Sisterhood of Crafters Challenge Play Ball
Edited : This project got the  Top 3 Award at Sisterhood of Crafters
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