Origami Peacock

Origami Peacock
My daughter went for a MAD Pogo kids camp and this was one of the things she made. The design is so simple it is just fan folding but the result is so elegant.Just an ideal craft for a 4 year old.My daughter was so proud of it!


Recycled Craft- Castle

My daughter had to make something with recycled stuff for her school. The idea was sort of hers as she wanted to make a castle. She is pretty much into princes, princesses, castles and stuff now so it was not a surprising wish.We collected all sorts of card board boxes and cylinders, plastic containers and glued them up. We also put in a magnetic latch on one of the boxes. Came out pretty well and her teacher tells me she explained the whole process beautifully in class.
Castle of Recycled objects
Each of the towers has a lid and can hold stationary items .The boxes in the front double up as penstands in this huge DIY stationary set cum storage box in our castle craft!
Side view of Castle
Here are more ideas for Recycling Crafts


Flower pot -Photo card

Flower pot card closeup
This is a photo card embellished with punched flowers.The flower pot was made out of corrugated paper and decorated with 3 D liner
Flower Pot Birthday Card
This is a card we made for Kuttu's Grandaunt.

Mechanical Card- Birthday Card- Flowers

Sliding Birthday card-Flower Basket

Kinetic Flower card moving Birthday Banner card

Mechanical Moving Card-Flower Birthday Card
Kinetic flower card- closeup
This is a birthday card with a sliding lever mechanism which is simple to do


Pop up card-Christmas Tree

Pop up card-Cristmas tree
 This pop up christmas tree card was made using corrugated  paper and additional tabs.Stars decoration courtesy my daughter Kuttu.


Pop up card Frog

Frog Pop up card and school project
This is a frog pop up card made for my daughter's theme in class on creatures seen in the rain.She decorated the card by herself and was so proud of it!We even stuck an insect on the frogs mouth!
This is one of the simplest types of pop up cards for kids to make[ They might need help on the eyes in this design but you can always skip that part!]

Dinosaur Kinetic card

This is a simple but cute Kinetic card in which the jaws of the T Rex Dinosaur move.I got the template of this card from the Toymaker.

Slider Card Teacher's Day Card

Teachers Day Card- Slider Card
Sharing a simple easy to make Teachers Day card- Its a fun interactive slider card
Teachers Day Card- Slider Card
This is the close up of the penny slider mechanism on the teacher's day card we made.The flowers are made from multiple punched flowers.
Click for the link to different Card making tutorials

Pop up Card Spiral Pop up Flower Teacher's Day card

Flower Basket Spiral Pop up card
This is a teachers day card we made for my daughter's teacher. Its a basket I cut free hand.The bunny is a 3 D decoupage and the inside is a spiral pop up card garden.
Flower Spiral pop up Teacher's day card
Here is my link to making a spiral pop up card and tips and tricks.

Slider pop up Teacher's Day Card

3 D Decoupage card
This is a slider card cum pop up flower card made for my daughter's teacher on Teacher's day.The Teddy bear is a 3 D Decoupage picture.
Slider Card Girl
The doll sticker slides across the card revealing the " Happy Teachers Day" Sentiment.

Slider Card Doll
The pop up card pattern inside is from the net-- I cant find the link -- if anyone knows please do leave me the link in comments section.

Pop up Card Flowers


Pop up Card cake

Pop up Card cake
 For my daughter 's teacher for Diwali we made a  pop up card cake
Pop up Card cake

The design is from Canon.

Glass Painting- Butterfly

Glass Painting Butterfly
This is a glass painting of a butterfly .Here I have used different types of  out liner instead of the common back glass out liner.For the backing I used the common kitchen aluminium foil.


Shaker Card-Flower Garden Birthday Card

Shaker Card
This is a birthday card Kuttu[my 4 year old] and I made for her friend Smriti's Birthday.The front of the card is a simple cut out and has a penny slider mechanism for the child to play with.Inside is a pop up -billowing flower garden made with transparent plastic stems and punched out flowers and leaves.We also put in a shaker card as most children love shaker cards.The pop up flowers is a pleated card- simple to make with kids.Here is the link from Valita
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon,Head and Neck Specialist,Bangalore

Pop up card- face-School project

Pop Up card Face
My daughter was learning "senses in school",so we made this pop up - spring up card of the eyes, nose,tongue and ear.My little one stuck pictures depicting the senses near each sense organ!

Mechanical Card-Moving eyes

This is a card I made for my daughter's school project on "eyes"as part of the theme on sense organs.On pulling the tabs the eyes move!Its a delightful card for a child to play with.


Pop up christmas tree cards

Pop Up Christmas Tree Card
I love making pop up cards and these pop up christmas trees were so easy to put together as I used free printable images
Pop Up Christmas Tree Card
The Christmas trees are free printable from Epson.

Pop up christmas tree cards

Shaker Card

Shaker Card
Shaker Card

Shaker Card embellished with 3 D Liner.
This is a New Year Card with cut out windows and glitter and sequins in the shaker card.Kuttu and I made this for her cousins.

Pop up Snowman

Pop up Card- Snowman
Pop up snowman card .This is a delightful cheerful Pop up card for christmas and very easily put together usig the template from Robert Sabuda

Slider card-Day Night School Project

Slider Card
This is a slider card for a "Day - Night theme School Project for my 3 year old daughter
Slider Card
On pulling the tab the night image changes to day scene-Magic!
Slider Card
.Shown are the front of the card,night and day images.The inspiration is from a Canon project.


Jungle Diorama

Jungle Diorama
My little one has various theme weeks in school and she loves to take something from home to "show off" It can be a chart or some pictures. Recently her theme in school was wild animals and we went all out and made a jungle diorama from an old cardboard box. A window was cut on the front of the cardboard box to make this jungle diorama. The background has pleated shiny paper stuck on it to create the jungle diorama scene.
Jungle Diorama
We did a bit of recycling too.. since the animal pictures are mostly stickers or cut out from books we first stuck them on stiffer paper cut out from magazine covers.

Jungle Diorama
The Panda is sitting on a hanging cardboard bamboo cut out from an old cereal box.Our jungle diorama was a fun and easy project to make and my little one was so proud to take it to school.

Farm Diorama

Farm diorama
Farm Diorama

Farm diorama made for school project on domestic animals.Kuttu had fun on this one.


Iris Folding Flower Card

Iris Folding Flower

Iris Folding
Iris Folding flower card embellished using punched flowers,beads and 3D liner


Pop Up card for Twins- Pop up Penguin Card

Penguin Card
Handcrafted Pop up card showing Penguins for twins .The photos are of the front  of the card and inside of card with pop up kirigami penguins.The penguin paper piecing is inspired by a free pattern on craftcreations.com
Pop Card Penguins- Kirigami Penguins
The Kirigami Pop up penguins pattern is from Chatani

Pop Up card, Slider card cum shaker card

Pop Up Card Panda
This is an all in one card!  A penny slider card with a pop up card of a sitting Panda and shaker card all in one birthday card for my 3 year old daughter's friend's Birthday.
Shaker Card
I handcut the arched door and added a shaker atop a photo of the 2 friends.Used a lady bird to make the slider card.
Slider Card Shaker Card
Hand cut a circle and used a sliding doll to make a slider card.

Slider card front
I used a  Panda bear graphics [ from a site whose link I have lost] to make the Panda pop up  card.
Pop up card Panda Card
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