Handmade Paper Flowers

Handmade Paper flowers
Dear friends Thank you so much for the heartwarming comments on my compilation of Card Making Tutorials...it is your comments which makes blogging so worthwhile!! 
Sharing yet another CD case recycling craft in our series of Teachers Day gifts..this time with handmade paper flowers.
Handmade gift
I made the flower using the same die I used to make foam roses--it is so funny how many different types of flowers we can make with the same shape! I do urge shopaholics [myself included Ha Ha]to experiment with the punches and dies you already own [Craft supply sellers do forgive me!!]to make different types of handmade paper flowers .

Handmade Flowers
For some reason I didnt quite feel the flower was glamorous enough so glittered it up a bit! I now think I liked the un-glittered flower..what is your opinion friends?
Paper Flower
Here is the recycled CD case opened up to show the notepad we inserted inside to make the Teachers day gift.
CD case recycling
This time I used a transparent CD case..it was in a way easier than my earlier CD case notebooks because I could use thin pattern paper to line both the inside and outside of the CD case and I didnt have to cut central protrusions as I had demonstrated in the How to recycle CD cases post.
I added lots of quilling to support my handmade paper flower
Handmade flowers
  • On a happy note 3 of my tutorials got featured in Totally Tutorials .The How to recycle a CD case was featured yesterday and I was so stunned that my page views hit sky high with that post at 4,645 views on a single day!! 
  • Edited : On 4th Sep the hits have climbed to 14,774 hits a day!!Yipee
Do tell me how you like this project.
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Card Making Tutorials

Dear friends my compilation on 14 types of Paper flower Tutorials has become so popular its always on my sidebar's list of popular posts.As of writing this post I have 120 tutorials on this blog and 47 of these are card tutorials!!So compiled a list of some of my card tutorials except pop up card tutorials[thats a long list and for another post]


Card making Techniques 

1.Aperture Card tutorial- Big Shot tips
Aperture Card tutorial
Here are examples of Aperture Cards

2.Parchment Craft Tutorial

Parchment craft Card tutorial
Here are examples of Parchment Cards
Glitter Stencil Art Tutorial
4.Stencil Art Tutorial
Stencil Art Tutorial
Card Making Tutorials- Interactive cards

Interactive Card Making Tutorials

Click this link for examples of Interactive Cards

Swinging Spinning card
6.Spinning Card tutorial

7.Cascading Card tutorial
Cascading Card tutorial
8.Waterfall card tutorial
Waterfall card tutorial
How to make a waterfall card from a single A 4 size card
9.Interactive Card Tutorial
Interactive Card Tutorial
10.Shaker Card Tutorial
Shaker Card
You can make an image pop up by pulling up a sliding tab on this pop up slider card.
Pop up Slider Card
12.Castle Shaped Slider Card Tutorial
Castle shaped Slider card
Sliding Cake Card
Sliding cake card
Slider Side step card tutorial
Spinning Slider Card
Interactive Dagger Shaped Card tutorial

Shaped Card making Tutorials

Click this link for examples of Shaped Cards
Chariot Shaped Card tutorial
Book Shaped Card Tutorial
20.Arch Shaped card -Lattice Card
Lattice Card
21.Purse Card Tutorial- How to make a purse card without a template in any size you want
Purse Card Tutorial
22.Purse card template
 Purse card template

Fancy Fold Card Tutorials

23.Shaped Easel Card Tutorial- Make a shaped Easel card like this Santa- House Shaped Easel Card
Shaped Easel Card Tutorial
24.Fancy Fold Pop up Dangler Card
Fancy Fold card

25.Double Twisted Easel Card Tutorial
Double Twisted Easel Card Tutorial
26.Tunnel Card-How to make a scenic diorama style tunnel Book or card
Tunnel Card

27.Side Step Card Tutorial: How to make a side step card
Side Step Card Tutorial
28.How to make a Squash Book: Squash Book Tutorial
Squash Book Tutorial
This small square book will transform into a large spread on opening!
Squash Book Tutorial
29. Easy Interactive Slider card tutorial

Interactive card tutorial
Pull the tab and a hidden message slides out

30.Fancy Fold Card Tutorial
Fancy fold card
Fancy Fold Card Tutorial
Hope one or two of these card tutorials at least will be useful to you.

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Quilled Butterfly- Beaded Flowers

Quilled Butterfly
Hi friends sharing yet one more of our series on Teachers day gifts.This time I embellished the recycled CD cases with beaded flowers and quilled butterflies.
Quilled Butterfly
I used Pritesh beehive tutorial to make this quilled butterfly.[Click this link for another quilled butterfly project ]
Used this Beaded flower tutorial to make a bouquet of  beaded flowers
Beaded Flowers
Here is the complete set of Recycled CD case notebook holder,matching notebook and pen in this Teachers Day gift
Teachers Day gift
Here is how we made the matching pen with the matching pattern paper in this years Teachers Day gift
Teachers day gift
I got some cute finger length sized pens and took apart the pen to make the matching pen in this gift set for Teachers day
Teachers Day gift
My little one helped make the pens by rolling the paper on the inner refill.We then inserted the refill back in the pen and chopped off the excess paper.
I hope this post is useful as an idea for handmade gifts.
Do tell me how you like it.
Here are links to more Recycled CD cases


How to recycle CD cases

CD Case recycling
Here is the promised mini tutorial on how to recycle CD cases into notebook holders [this years Teachers Day gifts]. 
Since I am a big fan of recycling crafts I am always on the look out for recycling ideas..I'd seen DVD case notebooks and post it note holders but googling up instructions for how to recycle CD cases specifically yielded nothing much so sharing how we went about recycling CD cases.
CD Case notebook
To make note book holders like I have shared in this post on Teachers day gifts you need a CD case which has a bit of room inside it.I found  2 types of CD cases with enough depth to hold a notebook -
1.opaque black plastic type
2. transparent glass look type 
The  glass type does  not have very sturdy hinges and one broke while I was embellishing it so I would urge you to try out the hinges before you embark on recycling it.
Embellishing the glass type is a bit different and in this post I'll share on how to recycle the opaque plastic CD cases
CD case recycling
1.Test the hinges -discard those that look suspiciously likely to fall apart!!
2.Check the inside and use a craft knife /scissors to cut off protruding center of plastic from the inside as shown in the pic above .
CD Case recycling
3.No need to chop off all the protruding bits of plastic from the inside-just the center is enough![see pic above-I have left the rim in the 2nd half of the collage]
CD case recycling
4.If the inside has a bit of bumpy surface use card stock[thick paper] to line it otherwise thin paper will look unsightly and tear too!.Double sided tape [not foam tape] is the easiest adhesive I found for this .
Washi lovers can have a ball too as washi /fabric tape is great to deck up plastic surfaces [as shared in this post on Recycling with washi]Thank you Priya for sending me the yummy Washi.
5.Choose a notebook /Post it notepad which is not too bulky and will let your CD case close without much mishap!!
CD case recycling
6.In the collage above you can see my little crafter covering the notepad with pattern paper she had chosen and matching die cuts.
CD Case recycling
7.Once your notebook is ready adhere it to the inside of your CD case.We used double sided tape again [I love this adhesive-so quick, easy and mess free especially important factors while crafting with kids]
CD Case recycling
8.Embellish the front of your CD case and you are done! We used double sided tape to help stick pattern paper on the cover of our recycled CD case
CD Case recycling
Added stickers[a gift from Priya Sondhi--Thank you Priya],fabric flowers, punched flowers and some die cut foam and paper leaves on our recycled CD case.
CD Case recycling
In another variation , added chip board  embellishes ,pearls and rhinestones to make a simpler CD case notebook
CD Case recycling
Here is a closeup of the gorgeous shimmery glittery chipboard embellishes which are a gift from the awesome generous Shalini of Crafters corner
CD Case recycling
I hope I have you with me till now. So that's 3 down on my list of Teachers Day gifts!! 7 more to go..wish me luck!!!
My husband had suggested making minialbums with the CD cases but the thought of making 10 albums for Teachers Day was too scary for me.Need input from you guys about experience with mini album making--how much time would a basic one entail ?
This tutorial was featured on Totally Tutorials
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