Origami Peacock

Origami Peacock
My daughter went for a MAD Pogo kids camp and this was one of the things she made. The design is so simple it is just fan folding but the result is so elegant.Just an ideal craft for a 4 year old.My daughter was so proud of it!


Recycled Craft- Castle

My daughter had to make something with recycled stuff for her school. The idea was sort of hers as she wanted to make a castle. She is pretty much into princes, princesses, castles and stuff now so it was not a surprising wish.We collected all sorts of card board boxes and cylinders, plastic containers and glued them up. We also put in a magnetic latch on one of the boxes. Came out pretty well and her teacher tells me she explained the whole process beautifully in class.
Castle of Recycled objects
Each of the towers has a lid and can hold stationary items .The boxes in the front double up as penstands in this huge DIY stationary set cum storage box in our castle craft!
Side view of Castle
Here are more ideas for Recycling Crafts
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