Heart Shaped Home Decor

Hi friends my country has begun a 21 day lock-down to combat the  Corona virus situation and for me personally these are very trying times as not only am I an ENT Surgeon but so is my husband ; and my mom, who turned 73 recently, is an anesthetist. We are statistically in the  high risk category for contracting the disease .
I know many of you across the  world are in difficult situations and I can only imagine the  challenges each of you must be facing in these unprecedented times.
In this post I am not going to post any advice.......I am sure you are getting enough of that from face-book and other social media.
I am just giving you a few seconds of diversion!

This is the gift I made for my mom for her 73rd birthday . My mom loves flowers and bright cheerful colours and loves decorating her home.
I made it using an MDF heart from  Crealies . Covered the  MDF with thin pattern paper

Stenciled bricks using crackle paste and the  Crealies brick stencil .

Added lots of flowers made with Crealies  dies and foamiran

I added one of my favourite sentiments " Celebrate"  which may seem difficult  in the  present scenario but maybe we can "celebrate" life itself and remember to count our blessings in these trying times.

Added dark pink shadows in areas for highlighting 

And added tiny pearls for texture

And here is how it looks

I made the  matching  card using the  Crealies  Cardzz Love die

Layered the  "Love" shape  using glitter foam and pattern paper and added heart shaped lock and key from the  new " Mix and Match " die set.

I hope you liked my project .
Stay safe.


Carousel Pop Up Mini Album Tutorial

        Hi friends sharing a very special project which I made as my first DT project for the  Israel based company " You Artists " You Artists have super cute pattern papers and since I loooove cute whimsical  designs , I didn't have to think twice when Noa Perez from You Artists asked me if I would like to be on their design team. And I am so happy to be able to work with such adorable papers!!

I used the  paper collection " Zoo" from You Artists to make a 3 D Carousel Pop Up Album. Here is how the  album looks when it is closed 

I made a belly band with glitter foam  and cardstock and added design motifs from the  paper stack to bring it alive!

Added satin and faux leather tassels and a cute binoculars charm to a bronze ring on the  closure . Decorate the  band on all sides with matching papers.

In modern zoos most of the  animals are not in cages but in enclosures and I tried to replicate that feel in my diorama style album. The first section is dedicated to the  majestic tiger!

 Each pop up diorama page has 3 layers which you can utilize to create a 3 dimensional effect and you can add photos right at the  back or on the  layers in front.

I didn't use any embellishments apart from motifs from the  paper collection and its matching die cuts on each of the  pages as it is best to have everything nice and flat for this type of pop up album. Isn't that sloth bear simply adorable !!!
I staggered the  animals in different layers to add to the  3 D effect ! 

The section below has adorable zebras and a cute giraffe

 I placed the  zebras in such a way that you can see them clearly when you change your viewing angle!

Carousel Pop Up Mini Album Tutorial 
The basic framework is pretty simple to make and is an adaptation of the  popular "star album" you must have seen in the  paper-crafting world. But this design uses less paper and so is easier to complete . I just added the  pop up elements to make it more fun! You can keep it simple by just adding photos or go all out like I did here and create mini pop up diorama scenes for each section.
Pattern Paper/Card stock - You can make the  basic framework using cardstock or if you have good quality, thick ,double sided paper this project is just perfect for it as  in this design you can see and use both sides of your paper. The You Artists papers I used in this project are 250 g thick and double sided so perfect to use as the  base.
You need 6 sheets cut down to 9 x 8 inches
This way you can use photos upto 4 inches wide  on each half. Tweak the  measurements to fit your needs.
Step 1
Step 1Score at 4 inches on the  8 inch side 
Step 2
Step 2 : Fold in half along the  score line
Step 3

Step 3 : Fold back the  upper free corners of your folded page to meet the  center fold as shown above in Step 3

Step 4
Step 4 :Chop off the corner triangles along the  fold lines [ as shown by black arrow]
Step 5
Step 5 : You will have a  "house" shape when you  cut off the  corner triangles from both the  sides.
PS: The cut lines should fall along the  black arrows in the  photo...I had initially added a flap to my design thinking I will add magnets there but later abandoned that idea and chopped off that flap...so don"t get confused seeing that extra bit.
Cardstock to create the  Pop Up frames : 
You need 
six 8 x 5 inch and 
six 7½ x 5 inch cardstock pieces 
Tip : Don't use very thick cardstock as it can become too bulky. 
Choose the  colours according to each section
Step 6
Step 6 :Score the  8 x 5 inch pieces at 1/2 inch from either side and down in the  middle along the  long 8 inch side
Step 7
 Step 7 :Score the 7½ x 5 inch cardstock pieces at 1/2 inch from either side and down in the  middle along the  long 7½ inch side
To create the  windows
To create the  windows in your pop up frames you can simple fold the  card pieces and cut out rectangles to create the  apertures or use dies in your collection to create the  windows
Tip : Take care not to make your frame borders too narrow as then you wont have room to add decorative and pp up elements.
Step 8
Step 8 : I used a simple rectangle die to cut out the  windows
Tip : Mark the  center of your die and align this to the  central scoreline on your cardstock to get perfectly centered windows
Step 9
Step 9 : Cut out windows in all the  frames
Step 10
Step 10 : Valley fold along the  central scorelines and mountain fold along the  scorelines at the  ends as shown above
Step 11
 Step 11 : Apply glue to the  1/2 inch ends[which are gluing tabs] of the  8  x 5 inch frame as shown
Step 12
  Step 12 : Stick one 1/2 inch gluing tab to the  edge of your base as shown
Step 13
 Step 13 : Fold over your frame with the  other gluing tab folded and facing upwards as shown
Step 14
Step 14 : Now fold over your base and the  gluing tab of your frame will stick in place.
Do the  same thing for the  smaller size  7½ x 5 inch frames...the  only difference is that these will stick over your 8 x 5 inch frames
Step 15
Step 15 : Fold a 5 x 1 inch strip of card stock length wise to create connecting tabs to join each of your pop up diorama sections

Step 16
 Step 16 : These will go on the  back side of your diorama as shown above. Apply on one diorama and align and stick the  next one [ red arrows]
Tip : A combination of adhesive tape and liquid glue is best for this step

You can see how the  pop up frames help to create dimension and depth in this seal diorama.

 This one below is my favorite . 

 You have the adorable sloth bear with the  serious gorilla in the  backdrop!

 I fuzzy cut leaves from the  paper in the  background and added them to the  frames

 The sign and the  fence are some of my favorites from the  Zoo theme!

I kept the  penguin diorama fairly simple using black and white frames to set a subdued tone to the  busy backdrop!

And here is the  back side of the  diorama...where you can see the  double sided nature of the  papers and which you can use to add more photos and journalling

The carousel is held in place using hidden magnets  
Here is the  video showing all the  features.

I hope you liked this idea and project.


Puzzle Shaped Home Decor

Hi friends...sharing a mixed media project in the  shape of a Puzzle which I made as a birthday present for my husband who loves gardening, flowers and birds!

I made it with the  new MDF Puzzle from Crealies which is a very large puzzle and has  lots of room to express your creativity!

I painted the  Puzzle with a coat of gesso and decoupaged spring themed elements from a paper napkin onto it

Applied a brick stencil design using crackle texture paste and stamped a chicken wire design in the  gaps of my design

Made flowers to match the  design on the  paper using circles!

Added cute little birds behind the  flowers!

And of course I had to add my favourite sentiment die from Crealies  "Smile" on a banner. I used the  Crealies  sticker sheets to die cut the  smile...the  sticker sheets are so useful to diecut and stick delicate diecuts such as the  text dies.

I added the  new Crealies  gear dies here and there both inside the  design and on the  back of the  puzzle.

Added tiny pearls at various places for a lovely texture

The cheerful bow from Crealies  is never out of place!!

Stringed some tassels on a leafy ribbon to finish of the  Puzzle

The whole piece can hang using a metal and satin handle which is actually a handbag handle!

I hope you liked this project.

Crealies MDF :
Crealies Dies/Stansen :

Crealies Stamps/Stempel :

Crealies Stencil:

Crealies Basics:

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