Water Cycle or Rain Cycle Diorama

Rain Cycle
My daughter had the theme Rain cycle in school and wanted to take something to present in class.This Rain cycle diorama has an origami swan in orange [her favorite color!], a mountain,clouds,fish in the sea and a hanging origami butterfly.
Water Cycle
She learnt to explain the rain cycle- you can see the silver rain drops falling from the cloudy sky onto the river below. My daughter stuck tiny fish in the ocean and some snow[ cotton ] on the mountain peaks.I let her cut out the greenery for this Water cycle diorama and she beautified her mountain with flowers!
I hope our simple diorama can help your kid in his or her school project.
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  1. Anonymous22/11/11

    Good job Prisha!

  2. My son's class is going to have an exhibit about water and water cycle. Your project gives me a great idea! Thanks much!

  3. Anonymous18/9/12

    Your daughter's diorama is a great reference to my son's project about water cycle! Thanks much!! :)

  4. lovely prisha, you get a 10 on 10, inspired now to make one for my daughter!:)

  5. goof job prisha! u inspired my daughter to make one for herself now!

  6. Prisha, you are amazing. Never would of thought to do it that way. You truly are a genius XD!!!


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