Spiral Pop Up Card

Parchment craft card
Though I started blogging a year back I started being real active in blog-land the past couple of months only and I was amazed at how friendly people are.There are so many amazing individuals out there and one such amazing lady is Romina. Romina is celebrating her birthday today. Many Many Happy returns of the Day. Here is the card I made for her. Its on the way to you Romina- hope it reaches you intact!

Its a Parchment craft card- which took me quite some time to make but I love it. The inside of the card is a spiral pop up card[ how can I send a friendship card to my blog land friend without a pop up mechanism!]
Tutorials to Parchment craft card and Spiral Pop up card in subsequent posts.
Spiral Card- Flowers
Spiral Card close up
Spiral Card- view from top
And the back of the card has punched flowers saying" Happy Birthday Romina".Hope you like it Romina.
Punch craft Card Happy Birthday
I will share something about Romina which I hesitated to share not knowing if it was ok with her but --here goes- a week or so back I had left a casual comment on her blog mentioning my daughters birth date and she asked me for my address. I sent her my email and then again she asked me for the snail mail- I was really surprised and since I am so used to giving patients my Clinic address ,I half thought it was for some medical problem for someone and sent her my clinic address! To my utter surprise what comes in the mail--  a lot of gifts so lovingly chosen for my daughter!! My daughter was so thrilled with all the  Pink girly goodies Romina sent!And my first set of stamps!!Here is the card I got from her.
Card from Romina
Card from Romina
Thank You Romina.Have a very Happy Birthday dear


  1. Beautiful Card Doc...i hve jus one question for you...how do you manage to get time for your wonderful creations after being in such profession..can i get some time management tips plz ;)

  2. Pergamano the card is great the other cards are also lovely!
    Greetings Baukje

  3. Beautiful creations dear.

  4. Thank You Neelam.
    Thank You Sudha
    Thank You Baukje

  5. i'm so touched !!u made such a pretty card for me ??thanks a lot dear for your wishes !!

  6. I am just hoping it reaches you intact Romina

  7. The parchment craft card is Amazing!!


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