Spiral Pop Up card Tutorial and Tips

The Spiral Pop up card is well known to most of you and I am sharing this tutorial with tips for newbies.
The spiral pop up card is a favorite of mine. It is quick and easy to make, is so versatile and gives a "wow" effect on opening the card.Here are some Spiral Pop Up cards I have made
Spiral Pop Up card Flower Garden
Spiral Pop Up card - Flowers
Spiral Pop Up card Butterflies

Spiral Pop Up card Butterflies
 This is a heart shaped card with a heart shaped spiral pop up mechanism inside
Spiral Pop Up card Heart Shaped

Spiral Pop up Card Heart
How to Make a Spiral Pop Up card
Material required to make a spiral pop up card 
  • Folded Base card
  • Paper for spiral mechanism 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Images for your spiral.
Folded Base card- should be strong enough to support your Spiral pop up mechanism. Standard card stock should do well.The more images or stickers you use on your spiral the stronger you need your base card to be.
Chosing your spiral mechanism
Shape:The simplest and most common spiral card is a circle cut in a spiral fashion.
You can actually make a spiral card with other shapes - a square,heart ,rectangle or triangle are very effective though more difficult to cut.
Other ideas: the spiral can be a snake or a plant
Material: Thin paper is good enough if you don't want to add images to the spiral otherwise opt for a thicker paper
Try transparent sheets[OHP paper] for the spiral shape- it gives a splendid effect.Choose the thickest variety strong enough to support the pictures you plan to stick on the spiral.
Color: Contrast with the background if you want the spiral to stand out.Choose the same color as the base card if you want the images you stick on the spiral to really have a pop up effect.
How to Make a Spiral Pop Up card
1. Make a shape- square, circle,heart,rectangle etc.Since the spiral has a nice geometric feel its nice to use a template to get your outer shape right.Here I have used my daughters toy plate as a template 
Spiral Pop up card Tutorial
2.Cut from the outer edge inwards in a spiral fashion following the shape of your template. You can do this free hand or after marking.
3.Position the cut spiral mechanism on your folded base card. You can center it or make it off center for other effects.In both the butterfly spiral pop up cards I have made above I have incorporated other pop up mechanisms too.
Spiral Pop up card Tutorial
4. Apply glue on the center of the spiral and for a short distance on the other side of the spiral at the tail [ shown by black double head arrow].How much you want to glue down depends on how much of movement you want to give your pop up mechanism.If your spiral is made from thick paper and your images are light you need to glue only a short length.Don't get glue on the adjacent loops.
Use PVA glue- avoid thin runny glue or the glue stick- both don't work well here.
Spiral Pop up card Tutorial
5.Fold over the base card and once the glue dries open-- your spiral is ready.
Spiral Pop up card Tutorial
6. Now adorn your spiral with pictures.Some tips here:
Position your pictures so that on opening and closing the spiral mechanism is not hindered.
Space your pictures so that the effect looks good with closed as well as open spiral.
Do not chose heavy embellishments
Keep in mind that the pictures on your spiral will be visible from below and up. In this card I have stuck the punched flowers on on both sides of the spiral at places
Spiral Pop Up card
Have fun and do leave me a link to spiral cards you make or have made- I just adore them!
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  1. Интересные завитушки. Очень понравилось с белыми цветами, стильно.

  2. What an awesome technique! Your cards are all so beautiful. The spiral pop up flower garden is just gorgeous. Can't wait to give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent :)


  3. very nice.like flower garden most.as per ur suggestion i remove share button. thank u so much for ur advice

  4. A lovely pop up card .thanks for the tutorial with step by step instructions.

  5. thanks for teaching such lovely projects!

  6. very detailed tutorial.thanks again.

  7. Thank You Irgri
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  8. OMG this is wonderful, I had forgot all about spiral cards (only ever made one) and now seeing this, I have to try it again. Cool!

  9. HI Sandra!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! I LOOOVE the cards you make!!!!!! SO very creatve!!!!!


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  11. The card in your tutorial is simply beautiful. Indeed it gives an 'wow' effect! And, of course, your tutorial is so easy to follow, thank you for sharing :)

  12. So nice! I love spiral pop-up cards! I just made one though :) I don't have time to think about the inside of a card and I always say I'll do it later but then I move on to the next card and forget all about it :). Your cards look amazing! I love that heart shaped pop-up idea :)

  13. wow,the spiral garden is so pretty..............!thanks a lot for the tutorial

  14. Thank You Manuk for being so nice
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  15. Saw this project on make it Monday and it is fabulous...great tutorial also...I will have to give this a try...thanks for sharing it with us.

    stampin' hugz

  16. Wow, want a great technique...

    Thanks for sharing your creation with Make It Monday.
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  17. Very cute card you had fo Make it Monday.
    Your tutorial is very well done too.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Carolyn W

  18. Hi, I saw your card on Make it Monday - love its playfulness! Very pretty, too!

  19. Found your link on MIM. I have not seen spiralcards before. Thank you for your tutorial. I love the butterfly card. You have inspired me to have a go too. Hugs Mrs A.

  20. Popped over from MIM, love the tutorial, and thanks for sharing, I will have a go at this with my daughter while she is on summer hols, should keep hr quiet for hours...
    they all look very pretty
    Good luck in the Challenge

  21. Saw this project on make it Monday and it is wonderful! Great master class! I will try to make the same spiral soon) Thanks!

  22. I saw your card on MIM challenge and came for a closer look, great card and love the tutorial too. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment too!

  23. Hello, I popped over from MIM to have a closer look at these terrific cards. Great to have a tutorial too. Elizabeth

  24. I saw this on MIM and just had to come check it out!!! What a fun idea ~ thanks for the tutorial!!

  25. Another great project. I think I might try some of these. They look like so much fun.


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