Winnings and Gifts from the Crafty Community !

From Di of Pixie's Playground
        Hi friends at the outset itself let me warn you not to feel jealous.....I am posting this not to make you envious but to re iterate just how generous the crafting community is and to express my gratitude to the crafting community as the year comes to an end!
       I have been blogging for more than 5 years and the generosity of the crafting community and bloggers especially never ceases to amaze me!
Let me shout a big Thank you to...
  • Di from Pixie's Snippets Playground : Di hosts weekly Linky party at her site and she takes the trouble to single-handedly visit each crafter and leaves such encouraging words on their posts. She selects and features super gorgeous projects each week and always has some amazing prize on offer . You have to tell her if you want to win a prize that week or not.....I confess I unashamedly want to win a prize each week!! The super gorgeous Sizzix stamp- die set shown above was a prize I won during her 200th Challenge celebration!! And I sooo loved the cute card she sent me...I am a big sucker for handmade cards!! I urge you to link up your creations each week to Di's Playground...its one of the most friendly Challenge sites in blogland!
  • Monika Reek
From Monika Reek
         Monika is a crafty blogger just like you and me and I was simply blown away when just like that ,she sent  me all the gorgeous papers, sparkly beads, 3 d decoupage image sets, embossed cards and the icing of the lot...a handmade card featuring a beautiful beautiful embossed butterfly! My husband brought home this parcel and we were going to go out to see the latest James Bond flick "Spectre" ....but all I was interested was in drooling over each little thing in her parcel....I think my crafty friends can identify! 
       Ooh girl I dont know if you are crazy or not to take the trouble to send me all this stuff all the way from Germany but big big hugs!!
From Lulupu
         Paper crafting is a budding industry in India and Karuna 's passion for crafting made her open her craft store Lulupu.She so generously sponsors and hosts monthly Challenge and I was voted winner in the 3 D Challenge  with my 3 D pinning pop up ball. The picture shows the beautiful prize she sent me!! Thank you so much Karuna for providing Indian crafters with a platform to showcase our Paper-crafting skills and encouraging us to excel!
From Devika
      Devika is a blogger friend who also started a craft store to help fill the lacunae in getting craft material in India. She writes long eloquent letters to me and is super good for my ego as she praises me like anything!! I was so touched when one day a parcel arrived with all the lovely die cuts shown above....I am hoarding each bit like crazy as I cant bring myself to use them up!!And yeah she said some of them are for my daughter but wicked lady that I am I am grinning that my daughter has forgotten about these beauties!!...that way I get to hoard them longer!
From Diana of DL Art
          Diana hosts an extremely popular linky party each month in addition to RAK's and weekly themed Challenges on her blog. She also has a shop selling cute gorgeous crafty items. She so generously sent me all these stuff when I was lucky enough to win her linky party one month. I urge you to link up your creations at Diana's site...she is one of the most friendliest souls in blogland and now has a bunch of equally friendly DT many of whom are my friends!
  • Marianne Designs
    From Marianne
    If you enjoy die cutting I am sure you have come across dies by Marianne designs! This very generous company sponsors several Challenges around blogland and I won the  2 gorgeous die sets shown above when I was voted winner for my 3 D chariot at the Marianne Design Divas Challenge 
  • Pamelia Johnson
From Pamelia
          Pamelia is someone I am literally in awe of....her mixed media creations are simply mind-blowing...one can sit and stare at every inch of her creations so be sure to drop by her blog if you havent! The lovely stuff you see above were won during her generous giveaway and she sent me all these stuff all the way from Canada! Pamelia is so generous is sharing her crafty secrets and I looove that she comments on her blogger friends blogs and encourages us no end....Thank you so much Pamelia !
From Poppy Stamps
       I love dies and always drool over the gorgeous die cuts my fellow crafters  use. In India we only have access to buy the limited variety of dies the handful of sellers here sell so it was dreamy to win gorgeous Poppystamps dies which are not available in India ! I won the  dies shown above in 3 separate occasions...twice during new release hops and once as a lucky winner during the poppystamps monthly Challenge .I also want to specially thank Poppy stamps DT Jeanne Jachna for seamlessly coordinating sending me the prize all the way to India all 3 times!
Designs by Ryn
         I was lucky enough to win the gorgeous rubber stamps designed by Ryn when I took part in the ModSquad Challenges. I had been debating buying Ryn's stamps are they are so popular now but since I am not confident about whether I could do justice to her beautiful designs I had resisted...it was such a thrill when a couple of weeks later I won her stamps and the icing on the cake was when she personally emailed me!! Oooh it was like being contacted by a celebrity....if you know what I mean!!
         I urge you to play at ModSquad Challenges...they have unique Challenges and the DT do take care to visit your blog and choose top 3s and they have gorgeous prizes on offer too!
From Scrapping4Fun
          Now this present has a story which you may find heartwarming ! Like most bloggers I too have blogger friends I regularly visit and one day I casually visited my talented blogger pal Pooja and noticed her creation had been shortlisted at Scrappin4fun Challenges and needed "votes" to win. Well I do love to support my blogger friends in whatever small way and so yes I went ahead and voted for her! Later I came to know that I had won a prize just for voting!! How cool is that and quite crazy! I confess when the prize arrived in the mail with a "Swiss postage" I had a hard time recollecting why I was sent it till I read the note attached!
From Stamplorations
        I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous stamp set designed by my blogger friend Deepti [ she actuallydesigns her own stamp line...isnt that amazing!]from the Stamplorations blog. And I loved the fact that the owner of the shop Shery took the extra trouble to add a hand written note...isnt that sweet!Thank you so much Shery!
From Shalini
          I worked as DT for Shalini for more than a year and she is such a generous soul. She has sent little and not so little gifts to not only me but to my daughter so many times! Thank you so much Shalini...I should have posted this long time back!! Shalini sent my little girl the adorable ladybug bag and beautiful kingfisher compact mirror! My daughter still takes it to her school to show off whenever she gets a chance!
From Shalini
Yes apart from my regular monthly DT packages  I have been lucky to get beautiful crafty toys in my mail  from Shalini's Crafters Corner!
From Shalini
Shalini would send gifts not only during festivals but also when she returned from a trip abroad and also if she specially loved a DT post...Thank you so much Shalini once again!
  • Shilpa Kenia  of Shilpi
    From Shilpi
              Now this little gift is something which is very exciting for me...I recently came to know that an Indian company Shilpi has launched its own line of ink pads with some pretty neat and unique features. I merely congratulated the artist- owner Shilpa on facebook and lo she messages me she would send me some samples to try out! Woo hoo...cant wait to try them out!
  • Vishakha Mittal
From Vishakha
           Facebook is a time stealer but yes sometimes you can chance upon some fun crafty events on FB ! Vishakha is a crafter + seller who recently posted on FB if anyone was interested in working with some metal embellishments. A couple of wonderful crafters recommended  my name and I told her I was up to a Challenge ! Well I am somewhat ashamed to say she sent me these lovely things nearly 2wks back but I am yet to really use them...love them too much and feel they need to be showcased in a worthwhile project which I am yet to complete!
  • Sharada of HappyMomentz
    From Sharada
              Sharada is a sweet blogger friend I have had the pleasure to meet in person several times since we stay in the same city! She made this cute shaker card for me and gifted my daughter the beautiful plaque shown below. We have a small group of paper-crafters who meet up once in a while and Sharada almost always takes the initiative to get us all together!
From Sharada
  • Anuja
    From Anuja
               Anuja is another crafter friend whom I have met in real life a couple of times. We both share the passion of crafting with different materials and not just paper. Recently during a crafters meet Anuja was kind enough to gift this cute little handmade paper purse to my daughter...this is so cool..it has 2 pockets inside to hold papers, crayons and any other knick knacks a little girl may need! And she even monogrammed it for my daughter! Thank you so much Anuja....you dont know how happy it made my little girl!
  • Bangalore Crafters
    Bangalore Crafters
           And I am leaving you with a "group selfie" we took during a crafters meet at Bangalore. That is Anuja at the top left holding the camera, the one in red top below her is Remya. The blue blouse smiley one is Sharada.Behind Sharada are Rupa, Pooja, Mary Antonia Raj, Tanvi and Jaya in that order! The little head is my daughter's and on the right hand lower corner is me !
       And to all my readers and blogger friends....Thank you so much  for all the wonderful visits and comments you leave on my blog....it means so much to me!


  1. Wow. Merry Christmas early. You have some wonderful crafty items to play with. I started some early Thanksgiving baking & cooking. I made a Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake (in a graham cracker crust: top layer is pumpkin, next layer below is chocolate & bottom layer is cheesecake). I make the Pumpkin Choc Cheesecake every yr at request of my daughter who does not like plain pumpkin pie but likes this combo. This is first for making Pumpkin Deviled Eggs.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. What a lovely post Sonia and what a lovely lot of goodies you have shared with us.Love all your gifts and prizes and a fabulous selfie with your group of friends..I think we are all blessed to find so many new and wonderful friends on blogger and facebook.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Thank you for this lovely and heartwarming post !

  4. What a beautiful post, Sonia!! And what amazing goodies you've received!! So much to play with!! And what a fabulous selfie, too!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. You are one lucky lady! Wow! Thank you for sharing all of your wins and gifts with us - it is heartwarming to know they will all be put to good use by such a talented crafter. I was particularly smitten by Ryn's hummingbird stamp - absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your new goodies and congratulations on your wins and friendships! The group photo is beautiful - you are lucky to have friends to craft with!

  6. You are one talented and lucky lady! Love the group selfie!

  7. So many lovely gifts and cards Sonia. I also love receiving hand made cards in the mail.. The group photo is fabulous..Loz

  8. A beautiful post & fabulous goodies!! May you win more & more with your awesome creations :) & a perfect selfie too!! I really enjoyed reading this wonderful post. Thanks for sharing soo much of info, I have learnt a lot from you & still learning, & the tutorials are best ones!!! A big THANK YOU!!!

  9. Wow!! Such a nice way to thank all the wonderful and generous people of our crafting community. Enjoy your prize Sonia!! And such an awesome selfie!! Glad you guys had fun!!

  10. Wow, you have been a very lucky lady, enjoy your crafty items. :)

  11. Look at all the crafty goodies. All that stuff should keep you busy for a while.

  12. Such a heartwarming gesture Sonia! So glad to have met you in my crafting journey & also in person during our Bangalore Crafters' meets. You are such a kind, helpful & down to earth person!

  13. Such an amazing post. You are very talented Sonia and it definitely shows on prizes you have won

  14. Aww thank you soo much having mentioned me on ur blog and you are such a sweetheart you deserve all the Gifts !! you are truely gifted and love you more each time :) Be blessed !!

  15. Oh wow, you lucky lady - well, not so much lucky as talented, because so many of these lovely things have come as well deserved wins in blog challenges. You are so talented, and your talent deserves lovely rewards like this

  16. Looks like a lot of fun-- wow so much fun stuff this will keep you busy for a long time. Congrats on all your wins. Sorry I have been MIA had a big show this weekend and I am now try to get back to normal
    . Have a blessed day , my friend
    DIANA L.


  17. A wonderful way to say thank you to all your blogging buddies. You've been a lucky crafter winning all those goodies, I'm sure you'll have great fun using them all. Lovely to see a photo of you and Prisha with all your crafting friends. Oh, and give some of those die cuts to Prisha you naughty mummy :D. Debra x

  18. WOW.. just WOW.. These products dose can make crafting more easy indeed.. Thanks for sharing!
    Thank you for sharing the group selfie with us! pretty crafty ladies <3

  19. WOW, such a nice way to thank the amazing blogger pals Sonia, love the pics of the bangalore crafty gang :)

  20. Oh dear you show also my gift
    it is a small one
    I am shy the other has many lovely gift for you
    and you are a lucky woman to have so many win challenges and lovely GIFT you have yaaay
    enjoy your goodies and they are sweet ladies all on your picture
    say hi to them please from a lady From Indonesia (Asia country too)

  21. Beautiful photo, thank you for sharing and congrats on your winning, hugs, Lori m

  22. WOW! Such amazing crafty goodies!!Congrats on yoru winnings!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting with Creative M

  23. So sweet of you Doc.
    U always leave a little bit of sunshine for everyone
    Stay blessed..

    1. Thank you so much Shilpi so good to see you in blogland

  24. I have never seen someone write a post like this before. So very kind of you to show your apprecaition in this way! I feel honoured to be mentioned here. Hehe, you made me smile. I hardly feel like a celebrity. It was and is a pleasure to communicate back and forth with you! Wishing you lots and lots of inspiration going forward into the new year! Bye for now thoughtful lady :)

    1. Ryn to me you are a celebrity and I love your cleverlovely designed stamps and stencils And I feel like taking a screenshot of my followers widget since it shows you just became my follower here on the blog!! Woo hoo!

  25. Oh Sonia - what a beautiful post - I feel really honoured and quite humbled by your gratitude and enthusiasm.You deserve every single accolade and prize - I've already said to you that you maybe don't know just how breathtaking your work is?!

    I did giggle though when I spotted Ryn's comment above mine - she's a gorgeous young ladywho I'm very fond of and has previously been really generous with some prizes for the Playground, which I appreciated so much. She's generous to a fault.

    Love the photo of you with your friends and your lovely daughter - what a happy bunch of crafters you are :)

    My thanks again to you!


    Di xx

    1. Di Thank you so much ....I dont know what to say...your comments fill my heart with such joy!!

  26. Wow Sonia, I am so sorry I missed this post. I was away moving I think. I am so grateful for your sweet and kind words and I'm glad you liked your prize package! I am always so inspired by your creations, so it's high praise indeed!! big hugs from Canada!! :)


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