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Sospeso Trasparente Hair Band tutorial

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  1. Ma'm...requesting you to please put tutorial of paper tube lilies if possible on your FB page..

    Numah Crafts
    (Purva Varadkar)

  2. Purva sure when I get around to making them again!!

  3. Thank u so much Sonia for all your flower tutorials.... they really helped me....

    1. Am so glad you found the flower making tutorials useful

  4. waue great thanks for tut and inspiration

  5. Oh I am bookmarking this page so I can come back and go thro all the tutorials ... Thank you Sonia for doing these I love flowers and better yet to make my own.!!!!
    Linda K.

    1. Glad you liked my handmade flower tutorials Linda

  6. I am spell bound , Beautifully done and explained , how to reach you my dear to learn...............You are God gifted .....stay blessed ,love to your little girl.............God bless

  7. This tutorial is fantastic, very easy to follow which is the best part about it and the flowers look amazing in the end. all pretty and perfect. thanks for sharing you are amazing.


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