School Projects

Pyramid School Project Tutorial:Knowing how to make a solid pyramid shape will come in handy  for Food pyramid school project , Solid Shapes School Project

Hot Air Balloon School Project :Can be used for Air theme school project, Recycling School Project

Festivals of India School ProjectInteractive Chart on Onam festival of India.Interactive elements can be adapted to make any chart fun and interesting.

States of India School Project - Kerala 3 D diorama
3 D diorama on Trivandrum in Kerala. Tourism theme show and tell competition

Taj Mahal Model School Project- Monuments of India School Project

National Symbols School Project -Lotus pop up card
Volcano Tsunami Diorama School Project
Diorama school Project on Natural Disasters. Adaptable for Water theme school Project

 DIY Fancy Dress:Sheep Fancy dress made using a recycled old T shirt and tissue paper. Animal theme school project

Whales School Project -3 D chart:3 D chart and fun interactive chart [called neverending card] to present all information on a Whales School project,Aquatic Life school Project

Birds Diorama
Reptiles Chart school Project
Reptiles -Dinosaurs 3 D mobile :Dinosaurs and snakes mobile in a reptile theme school project
Butterfly Life Cycle school project
Salt Dough Craft tutorial :Recipe for salt dough crafts. Can come in handy to make decorations or any school project.Fruits theme school project.Plant theme School Project.3 D model on Papaya fruit. Easy Salt dough tutorial can be adapted to add a unique element to any School Project.This particular 3 D school project is on Fruit and Vegetable theme School Project,Plant theme School Project

Photosynthesis School Project 
3 D chart  on Photosynthesis which can be adapted into a diorama for Plant theme School Projects

Uses of Plant school Project - Squash Book Tutorial
Plant theme School Project.Squash book can be used to present lots of images and facts in any school project.

Snail Habitat 3 D diorama
A 3 D diorama constructed on cardboard to illustrate facts of snails and key points in habitats of snails
How to make a tooth Model
Calendar School Project:3 D interactive model to understand the calendar. Rotation of earth, moon explained.Solar system school project.

Time School Project - Interactive School Project Chart:Types of clocks and tutorial on how to make an Easy Interactive School Chart
How to make a Weighing BalanceTopic: measurement in Maths
Water cycle Diorama:An easy to re create diorama showing the rain cycle or water cycle.For Water theme school Project
Health and Hygiene Interactive ChartAny chart can be made fun and interactive adding interactive mechanism. Here are tutorials to elements such as a waterfall or sliding mechanism.


  1. Hi Dr Sonia
    I'm viji. I saw ur projects and all other crafts u did. Its awesome. I'm looking for my daughter's project, she is IK student and I want to do a project about her inquiry "GAMES". Can u suggest me to do this project? Here I'm using ice cream sticks and color papers etc...

    1. Viji Thank you for the sweet words. In the school they usually teach the games as outdoor and indoor. YOu will get beautiful photos in chart books about games. You could make an interactive chart or a 3 D project with the photos. Or if you want to make a project with not just pictures choose one game which your child likes and make a 3 D project with it eg a cricket field with the fielders, batsman [ small dolls or clay figures], stumps[ ice cream sticks]. bat [card board or ice cream stick] and green for the grass field and cream for the playing area. It will be fun. Do share our pics of the completed project-- I would love to see it.

  2. Hi...I stumbled on this site..while searching how to make a 3D model on the different seasons of the year..could u guide me through

    I must say you have a great bank of models and projects. Loved it..great job...

    Waiting for ur reply..thanks

    1. Dear could make a 4 storey building style model and make each onw according to the season ...winter would be easy...dark blue background with a clay snowman , paper christmas trees and lots of cotton snow. Likewise add elements into each season...should be a fun project

  3. how to make hindi alphabet in flash card please tell

  4. anjali24/6/17

    hey!!!dear... awsm.. wrk u done.... reallly m speechless... gob blesss uhhh... i wan kids newspaper activity like a real newspaper where dey cn drop their views on nation internationl or sports u giv me sm suggestion plz ...anjali

  5. Thanks so much for the tooth model project for my daughter


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