Plastic Cup Craft - Puppy Power !

Plastic Cup Puppy
          Yes you guessed right...this "Puppy" with long floppy years was made by my daughter .I think the inspiration is our Cocker Spaniel Goldy who has been her companion since she was a year old!
A girl's best friend!
    It is so heartwarming to see crafting being encouraged by big brands these days.Yesterday I took my daughter to a shopping mall and she had an Ice Snow Gola [ basically an Ice Lolly] in a cup.They encouraged children to recycle their plastic cups into craft creations and upload a picture to the Snow Gola FB page!
Recycling Crafts
         My daughter enthusiastically designed and made this Puppy with felt ears [which she  cut herself] and a pom pom nose! Her puppy"Goldy" looks so happy, dont you agree!


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