Stamping Fun !

Stamping Fun 3
            Dear friends this is just another fun post to share my little girl's stamping. You will be wondering "Oh so Dr Sonia is teaching her daughter to stamp?!" Well.....its the other way round... I have a somewhat cowardly bad habit of not wanting to try something unless I know " all about it !!" [Anyone there with the same traits....?] My daughter on the other hand has to play with a new craft supply the moment we get it!!
Stamping Fun 1
Stamping Fun
This stamped musical show is my 8 year old's work...her sketch pens acted crazy according to her so the smearing in parts [ She has not yet heard of copics so I am saved for now!!]
Stamping Fun 2
Stamping Fun
Here is a photo to make you smile!! How many of us look so happy with our crafty projects!!
PS : my dashboard has been acting real crazy and so I 'm having difficulty in catching up with blogs---I'm able to drop by friends who leave comments.I hope blogger acts better real soon!!
Please do leave some encouragement for my little girl
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