Pop Up Card Butterfly

Pop Up card Butterfly
This Pop up card has 2 pop up mechanisms to pop the butterflies.Its embellished with woven hearts and punched flowers


  1. i m so surprised to see that even someone doing specialization has time for crafting.. quilling was my first love too.. i love it even now.. just dunt get so much time to do it anymore..
    hey can u share ur email id pls?? was looking through ur blog but cudnt find any..

  2. Yes time is a constraint. I started crafting in my AIIMS ENT residency when things got so hectic and stressful there had to be an outlet. I started with emboss painting which was not very time consuming.Now It is a juggle between work, taking care of a 4 year old, a dog and a very understanding hubby! Thanks for stopping by.
    Dr Sonia S V
    email: soniasv@rediffmail.com


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