Taj Mahal Painting

Taj Mahal Art
There is an exhibition going on in my daughters school and we have been working on it for over a week now.There was a selection of themes such as life under ocean, electronic gadget, insects,national symbols, my daughter chose monuments of India. So we decided to do the Taj Mahal. We made a Taj Mahal Paper Model.Here is the link to our Taj Mahal Paper model. Making the paper model of the Taj was so time consuming and Just to get my 4 year old  interested in the Taj Mahal I printed a Taj from the net and gave it to her to colour.
Taj Mahal Painting
She did it so well that I decided to frame it and sent it on the actual school exhibition along with the Taj Model we made. She helped frame the Taj Mahal Painting and also to decorate it with the spiral roses.
She was so proud of it!


  1. Your daughter did a fabulous job on this picture. She is a great up and coming crafter!

  2. Thank you Rae. My daughter was delighted that i framed it and considered it good enough to send to school on her exhibition day.

  3. Anonymous13/1/12

    Excellent project. She did a great job. I'm glad it pleased you and you felt worthy of submitting it. After all that work phew, must have been exciting for her to get moms approvalp


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