Salt Dough Fruit Basket

Salt Dough Craft= Salt Dough Fruit Basket
Salt Dough made out of white flour and salt is a good medium for kids to work. This salt dough fruit basket was made with a good amount of contribution from my 4 year old.She even had a go at painting the fruits.We shaped the dough, baked it and then colored it.We had incorporated a hook from a old key chain so that we could hang it up.
Salt Dough Recipe
2 cups plain flour+1 cup salt + 1 cup water


  1. This is BRILLIANT... your daughter has extremely artistic tendencies... don't be surprised if she wants to pursue art instead of medicine. Lol!

    Love the fruits... you are a wonderful mom.

    xxx Monica

  2. wonderful craft cud u pls give me the recipy for the dough ?

  3. Hello Vita. Thank you for dropping in . I have updated the recipe in the post as requested by you

  4. wont the dough gwt spoil in few days????

    1. Sweety the books and websites say if you apply varnish it lasts. I didnt apply more than 2 coats of varnish and in the humid Indian climate it became soft after a few months and that is the photo you are seeing-- the original appearance was more beautiful than this!!


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