Mseal Art Strawberries

Mseal Craft Strawberries
Mseal was a little tough for my little one to mix and shape but she enjoyed painting the strawberries to decorate our pen-stand.


  1. Dr Sonia, this is wonderful, I've been admiring your mseal art for a while. I haven't been able to find the material,though. A few years back I made a lot of salt dough projects, I'm thinking I could use the same techniques and tools to work with the mseal. I'm very excited about working with this material.

  2. Thank You so much Lolis. I dont know what substitute is available in your country for Mseal but here it is a cheap material used by plumbers in black color and by crafting community in white color.

  3. Dr Sonia,
    ur mseal works and the recyling works are so beautiful,nd the quilling too,
    thankyou and keep up with new creative projects....


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