Gifts , Winnings and Top 3

Somehow I always feel embarrassed to post about my winnings and top 3s and kept on postponing this post!When I first got a gift and card from a blogger pal  a couple of months back[ My blogger pal  Romina was the first one to send me something from blogland] I didnt know it was blogger etiquette to post photos of the gifts ! So sorry Romina!Now I am more " blog wise" experienced and know blogger pals like to hear about others winnings , top 3s ,give-way wins and RAKs as its a form of encouragement perhaps! Do tell me your views.
Well do forgive me for blowing my horns -I am just following  blogger etiquette !!
Bangle Butterfly
My Bangle Buterfly won at Craft room Challenge- theme Home decor
Winners Badge
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My recycled Thermocol[ Styrofoam] Flowers came top 3 at Crafty JC Recycling Challenge
Thermocol flowers
My Box a Card was featured spotlight designer at 365 Cards
Box a card

My Sponge flowers came top 3 at Artsy Crafty Flower Power challenge

Sponge Roses
My Dinosaur card was featured at MindfulMeanderings[Kids Cards]
Dinosaur Card
I won the giveaway at Touched by a butterfly- Thank You Celeste
I also won during the birthday celebrations at my fav linky party MIM sponsored by Lisa.There are so many awesome stuff here and many of them I dont even know the names!Thank You so much Lisa J
MIM Winnings from Lisa
At Indian Craft room I won a special prize of doilies from Sudha the sponsor who just started on a new craft supplies shop- Thank You Sudha and All the best on your new Venture. Here is the link to Sudhas new store for interested Indian crafters
From Sudha's Shop
I had won at Alex' You had me at craft linky party and this is what I ordered with my gift certificate- Brads and die cut borders[My first online order].
Ever since I started blogging I have been amazed at the generosity of blogger friends. I celebrated my birthday in September and was showered by a lot of birthday wishes.
Sharing some of the awesome gifts and cards I got.

My blogger pal Snehal is so generous she sent me this gorgeous wooden box and the most beautiful card ever!!The photo does not do justice to the shimmery paper and the lovely texture of the card and matching envelope.Thank You Snehal
Birthday Gift and card from Snehal
My niece is 9 and I was flattered she went to the trouble to send me an exploding fold card!
Exploding card from my Niece
Exploding card inserts are fun and easy to make. Here is the link to the exploding fold tutorial

Exploding card from my Niece
Priya Sivaraj is a blogger friend I made recently but we seem to have hit it off so well!She sent this lovely stamped birthday card and you can see how she made it on her blog
Card from Priya
Priya also sent this lovely card to my daughter. My daughter was so excited to see this lovely card addressed to her.Priya has a lovely tutorial on her blog on how to make this beauty
Card from Priya Sivaraj
Blogger pal Sudha sent me a lovely stamped card on behalf of our Indian Craft Room -- Thank You Asha, Tejal and Sudha.
From Sudha on behalf of ICR
My dearest blogger pal Khushboo sent me this lovely layered card-- first time I got to see the much blogged about Pie lane glitter balls! Thank You Khushboo
Card from Khushboo
My blogger friend Angelin sent me all these goodies from the UK-- I was stunned and left speechless!There are patterned papers, decoupage sheets, stickers, die cuts ,rub ons, and the most glorious brads!
Gifts from Angelin
Thank You so much dear friends!!


  1. OMG DR sonia this is just wow...congrats on all your wins they are so well deserved:) and you are one lucky person to be getting such lovely RAK'S from all over the world,am sure we will get to see some beautiful creation out of them:)

  2. Congratulations on your accolades and wins!! Hope to see more on winning posts!!!

  3. Well deserved, you do a lovely job. Your flowers are beautiful. Congrats on all your wins.

  4. Doc.. That's like a lot of awards at one go.. Bravo and very happy for you.. Now use all those stuff and come up with extraordinary things like you always do.. :-)

  5. How wonderful!!! Congratulations on all of your well-deserved awards and fun prizes! :)Amy

  6. Congrats Sonia for winning the contests .waiting to see the lovely creations from you .i am little busy
    so i shall come and drop in and leave comments about your beautiful projects whenever possible .

  7. Wow! First of all, congrats! A belated happy birthday wish to you! And, finally, thanks...I am not up on blogger etiquette, but have learned lots. It is hard to "toot your own horn", but I'm glad your did...I'd never seen the sponge roses until today...off to investigate! Congrats on all the well deserved recognition....and you save lives for a living too.....very cool. ;)

  8. Congrats on all the winning Dr.! You should try entering the craft magazine challenges.

  9. Congrats on your wins.Lovely RAK's you have got:)

  10. Well deserved, congrats for your wins!!!

  11. Congrats, am so excited for you!, your work is so lovely, excited to see what you make with your winnings!!!

  12. yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dr Sonia.... Congratulations for everything. I dint know about ur Bday. Pls accept my Belated Birthday Wishes. Loved all ur winning.....

  13. Awesome!!! Congratulations for all the wins and the highlights that u got on ur creations! U truely deserves it...
    Enjoy all the yummy goodies you got...!

  14. CONGRATS! I kept seeing your name in the winners list but wondered why you didn't post them. We love to know when our blogger friends achieve something! Very proud of you!!!

  15. Congratulations!!!

  16. Wow.. Doc, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful creations!:)..Congratulations on your winnings!..

  17. congrats dr sonia...u deserve all the applaud...

  18. congrats dr sonia...u deserve all the applaud...

  19. Thank You so much dear friends.
    Anita Thank You for the encouragement to toot my own horns!!

  20. you go dr sonia! keep it up, glad to see all these great recognitions :)

    -rachel w k

  21. Congrats and glad that your bday was so good

  22. CONGRATS on all your wins . God bless you

  23. Congrats dr Sonia wonderful!
    Greetings Baukje

  24. Congrats on all your wins and fun gifts..You really deserve it!!waiting to see your new creations with these stuffs!!

  25. Wow, Dr. Sonia!! Love those 3d Styrofoam flowers!! They are lovely!

  26. Congratulations on your wins. It's a pleasure to see when someone gets awards, prizes or recognition. And no better place to toot your own horn than on your blog so all your pals can cheer for you :)

  27. Anonymous12/10/11

    Congratulations on your wins, they are well deserved. And you missed one of my parchment cards, lol. xx

  28. Wow! You have a lot of awards up your sleeve!
    Congratulations and such wonderful cards!

    Thank u for stopping by at my blog.

  29. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your blog too. Cards are my other passion.

  30. Congrats on your wins. I like eharing about others wins. I like to share my wins. When I browse blogs and see someone's name I recognize and if I do not I still click and let the person know they won some blog candy.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  31. You're sooo lucky, Dr..Congrats on your win..

  32. Congrats on all your wins!

  33. Congratulations on your achievements in blogging. WELL DONE!!! Saw a couple of your projects. Love them all. Especially the re-cycled ones.

  34. Congrats for all that winning... you deserve it all, Sonia. Above all you are such a lovely blog buddy... always such a pleasure to visit you. Love all that you posted. Belated happy birthday to a great blogger.

    xxx Monica

  35. I am amazed by all the love and gifts showered on you from people all over the globe. you artistic talents sure deserve each of them. keep it coming!

    please do drop in and vote for your favourite out of 9 new Navarathri Dresses i have made this year for Adithi!

  36. Congrats Sonia you deserve all those winnings, Your talent in recycling is just amazing! All the beautiful roses and other creations are fabulous :) Have a great week!

  37. Anonymous12/10/11

    congrats sonia...thz gr8

  38. Huge congratulations on all your awards. My goodness, who deserves this more? You've done so many wonderful and informative tutorials and are such a creative person. Glad to see what you've won.

  39. Congrats!!!!!!! on all ur wins.


  40. Congratulations Dr.Sonia on all your winnings. Well deserved.


  41. Wow, what wonderful awards and so well deserved! You are a very talented lady, I love visiting your blog. So glad you displayed your wins.

  42. Thank You so much dear friends. It feels so nice when I can share such small "happy moments" with my blogland friends!

  43. Sonia, those are fantastic wins and much needed a "shout out". Congratulations to you in all your winnings, but most importantly, to all the friendships you have made ever since you began blogging. Now I guess I need to do a post about some winnings, since you taught me that it is blog etiquette to do so (I had no idea and, like you, did not want to boast...LOL)
    Always lovely to chat with you!!!


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