12 Tacky Tape Uses

Tacky Tape Projects
            Hi friends, it feels good to be  back to  blog-land after a sabbatical . I had some health issues which are thankfully all resolved now. 
            There are so many situations in which the normal liquid white glue is pretty frustrating to use !For many of these "sticky" scenarios ,double sided adhesive tape and especially the super strong red tacky tape version of it is a fantastic alternative .

Red Tacky Tape
Features of Red Tacky tape 

  1. It is a clear transparent adhesive
  2. The red plastic lining is easy to peel off and reveals the clear adhesive underneath
  3. Its available in different sizes - 24mm, 18mm,12mm,6mm and 4mm
  4. Fast and easy to use 
  5. No drying time- instant adhesive!
  6. Non messy 
  7. Strong adherence
  8. Can be used on multiple surfaces
  9. Heat resistant - yeah I used it to heat emboss too...will show you how later on in the post
  10. Acid free - for creating scrapbook albums and layouts
Here are 12 different uses of Red tacky tape
    1. Gluing on Wood
      Tacky tape on wood
              Mod Podge is a very popular glue to adhere paper to wood especially MDF.If you didnt have the patience or time to decoupage with a liquid glue or wanted to avoid the mess, then tacky tape is the answer! I altered a cute wood frame my crafty friend Rupa gave me with seed beads. It was a super simple project....adhered tacky tape on the wooden panels, peeled off the red lining to reveal the clear adhesive layer underneath and dropped seed beads on to it.
      Beaded frame
      The red tape could hold all the seed beads well as you can see from the photo above of the inverted frame but as I wanted a sealant too I gave a coating of Mod Podge!
      Beaded frame
      Initially I kept the frame simple with just the seed beads and a plastic heart[ also firmly stuck on the red tape and which later I had to pull off with a bit of difficulty!]
      Altered frame
      Later on my obsession with Sospeso Transparente got the better of me and so added a few Sospeso blooms to the beaded frame.

      Sospeso Transparente Beaded Photoframe
    2. Gluing Foam
      Foam on tin
      Foam is a super slippery surface to glue and if you want to glue foam to a surface such as a metallic or plastic tin as in this Foam fairy land altered tin, double sided adhesive tape is the best adhesive!
      Foam Panda Penstand
      Here is how my daughter made the Panda penstand .To glue smaller foam pieces to each other or googly eyes to foam,especially when working with children, double sided foam tape and glue dots are awesome adhesives!
    3. Gluing on Metal - In the above 2 projects , I used double sided tape to stick foam to a metal tin.To stick paper to metal...liquid glue does work but you need to be super patient  and it is rather messy!
      Textured metal tin
      I used adhesive tape to stick thick paper to the textured metal  tin shown above! Adhesive tape was also useful to stick the lace in the upper and lower borders of this altered tin
      Altered tin
    4. Gluing on glass and ceramic - you can use red tacky tape to glue a variety of objects to glass: 
      • beads, pearls ,sequins,glitter
      • paper,wood
      • fabric – ribbon , lace
      • plastic
      • Here is a quick demo on how we altered a glass by sticking beaded, ribbon and a wooden embellishment using  red tacky tape and glue dots!
        Beaded glass tutorial 
        My daughter chose an ordinary glass and seed beads
        Beaded glass tutorial 
        She stuck red tacky tape on the top of the glass...since our glass was not a perfect cylinder there was some wrinkling of the tape but it didnt affect our final project!
        Beaded glass tutorial 
        Peeling the red liner of the tacky tape is so easy my daughter didnt need any help!
        Beaded glass tutorial 
        Just like in the altered beaded frame we just poured beads randomly onto the adhesive tape and pressed them in place.If your hands are dirty and you touch the tape  you can loose some of the adhesive property of the tape ! We did add a layer of Mod podge to help seal our beads firmly onto the glass! 
        My daughter loves to use my inkpads and here you can see her using Ranger's Archival Ink to ink some Prima wooden hearts [gifted to her by the generous Priya Sivaraj] to add to her project.I also allowed her to experiment with Clear rock candy crackle paint to create the beautiful crackled hearts!
        Glue dots
        I am a big fan of glue dots while crafting with my daughter but it was the first time we got to use the glue dot rolls! They are even easier than the usual glue dots as the glue dots are in a roll and it was easy to stick the embellishment atop a glue dot and peel it right off to stick to a project!
        Glued dot adhered wooden heart
        My daughter stuck on the wooden heart on her glass using a glue dot! Next experiment was gluing fabric on glass!
        Beaded glass tutorial 
        If you have ever tried to glue ribbon or lace to glass...you will know how difficult it is with wet glue! It was quick and easy to use tacky tape to stick the red glitter ribbon to our glass!
        Beaded pen and glass
    5. Gluing on Plastic - when I searched online for red tacky tape projects one of the popular crafty uses was to make beaded pens which were supposedly hot selling stuff in craft fairs.
      Beaded Pen
      We lined a regular plastic pen with red tacky tape and rolled it in seed beads.Maybe we touched the taped pen too many times and decreased its adhesiveness but for some reason or the other our beads kept falling off the pen and I had to salvage the project with oodles of Modpodge!
      Glue dots
      I stuck on a Sospeso flower on the beaded pen using a glue dot! 
      Sospeso flower with glue dot
      For a  glue dot to work well as an adhesive the surfaces to be glued should be perfectly flat so it wont work for irregular based flowers and for that reason not all Sospeso flowers will stick with a glue dot!
    6. Beaded Pen
    7. Gluing Fabric : Lace, Ribbons to paper, wood, glass ,plastic.So if you want to add a pretty ribbon or lace to your handmade card or box...no more struggling with liquid glue or being frustrated the glue gun gave only a temporary adhesion of the ribbon.I have already shown how we used the  red tacky tape to adhere the glittery red ribbon to our glass surface.
    8. Difficult to glue papers

      • Glossy paper surface - If you want to beautify a box like the one shown below which is lined with glossy paper , it is super tricky to stick pattern paper to it using normal white glue  as its so smooth and slippery
        Altered box
          In such situations a double sided adhesive tape is fabulous as its non messy, gives good adhesion, is fast and does not wrinkle!

        Altered box
          I am currently in love with the clear rock candy crackle paint and really went to town creating a crackled surface on the pattern paper!
          Crackle paint
          Inked some parts of the beautiful DCWV Mariposa paper and applied crackle paint over it.
          Crackle paint
          The foam bow is stuck on to the paper using tacky tape !
          Altered Projects
        • Vellum / parchment - parchment is such a slippery surface to glue and in this floral card ,I embossed parchment so you can imagine it was one tricky surface to glue to my card.I used double sided tape to stick all the layers of this card!
          Embossed Vellum Card
        • Embossed paper - dry embossed paper is tricky to glue because of the texture on its surface and adhesive tape is my go to choice for embossed paper.See examples in the cards above and number 12.
        • Handmade Paper
        • Corrugated paper
          • Glossy Corrugated paper - sticking corrugated paper can be so tricky as such and if its glossy its even more difficult. In this DIY Picture frame tutorial I used double sided foam tape  initially
            Picture frame
            After some days the double sided foam tape proved inadequate and one edge lifted off.
            Adhesion with foam tape
            Since the painting was done by my daughter this project was so special to me. I could salvage the frame using tacky tape and its holding up very well!
      • Sticking Glitter/Sequins/Beads/Craft Sand - because it is so super sticky but non-messy as well..tacky tape is ideal to add bands of glitter , sequins, beads[ as already demonstrated],sand etc to your project quickly and effectively!
      • Kids crafts and School Projects - If you have kids you'll know many school projects are a last minute rush job and may require sticking of non paper objects and I find glue dots and adhesive tape indispensable  not only to make a project mess free but super quick too! Here is a weighing balancewe made using double sided adhesive tape to stick the paper to the plastic containers to make the scales.
        Weighing Balance
      • Gluing large surfaces such as in scrapbook layouts, albums,recycling crafts,boxes, cards etc with pattern paper.I dont make albums but I have seen its by far the most popular adhesive for crafters who make scrapbook album due to its strong + acid free nature!
        Drawer shaped Box
      • Box making - If you are altering a box or making a box from scratch, you often have to line it and in such cases red tacky tape helps give a neat finish and also makes your job quicker. In the shaped box shown I used  double sided adhesive tape to get a strong adhesion.
      • Embossing
        Heat Embossing
        You can actually take advantage of the heat resistant property of red tacky tape to heat emboss on your projects. The vertical golden column you see on my card was made using embossing powder and red tacky tape. You can completely skip the Versamark /other embossing ink pad!
        Heat Embossing
        Here is how to make a heat embossed creation: I started with a folded card and stuck red tacky tape on it.
        Heat Embossing
        Whenever you use tacky tape,run your finger firmly along the tape to get a strong adhesion to the base .
        Heat Embossing
        Peel off the protective red plastic lining to reveal your tacky tape adhesive and pour embossing powder on the tacky tape.To get the fine embossing in the card I have made, I used Ranger suferfine gold embossing powder.

        Heat Embossing
        Tap off excess embossing powder.
        Heat Embossing
        Heat with your embossing heat gun
        Heat Embossing
        Isn't the heat embossing  perfect ? I love it!!
        Heat Embossing
        As you know sticking textured embossed card/ paper is so difficult and here I used tacky tape to stick the dry embossed " Chandelier"  [embossed with a Sizzix folder] to my base card
        Embossed Card
        The Joy crafts die cut was also heat embossed with the same super-fine embossing powder and added to the card with 3 D foam tape for a little bit of dimension
        Heat embossed Die cut
        And here is a recap photo of some of my Red Tacky Tape projects made especially for this review
        Red Tacky Tape Projects
        Special Points to Keep in mind when using Red Tacky Tape
        • It is a very strong adhesive so be very sure and accurate when sticking it as you cant stick it and try to remove it and stick it in another place!
        • You can use normal scissors to cut it but since its a strong adhesive like foam tape...your cutting will be much easier if you use a nonstick scissors such as the Tim Holtz scissors 
        • Keep the protective plastic /wax paper covering sheet it is packed with as its a super sticky tape roll and if you store it without its covering, dust and all sorts of particles can stick to it [ personal experience!]
        Edited to add: How to prevent /get rid of stickiness of your scissors after cutting tacky tape/ foam tape - options
        [Ideas and recommendations from crafters : Tejal Mehta Shah, Gopi Shah, Neha Bhatt, Neha Agarwal, Ankita Lunia]
        1. Use an adhesive remover eraser to remove glue residue on your scissors
        2. Use sandpaper
        3. Use thinner[ available in paint/ hardware shops] 
        4. Use Ranger alcohol blending solution
        5. Use nail polish remover
        6. Use vaseline or cold cream on your scissors before cutting
        7. Use versamark on your scissors before cutting

        Thank you so much for being with me till the end of this post. I know its a super long post but I wanted to cover as much as I could about this wonderful adhesive with so many possibilities.
        Do tell me how it is.


        1. The creations are wonderful. I especially like the Panda & the heat embossing. I use red tape but here it comes in such a small pkg. Your pkgs of red tape look like they have so much more lengthwise on them. Where did you get your red tape from? I use red tape mostly for adding ribbon. I have put red tape on a bottle but the red tape was bumpy in areas and I did not put enough glitter. Need to practice more.
          "Sunshine HoneyBee"

          1. Melissa I got the tapes from the Indian online craft store called Craftrs Corner and I think it has been actually imported from the USA !

        2. Such awesome projects Sonia! Love the variety of techniques you shared!

        3. wow - such versatility! but how does it work compared to the regular double sided tape

          1. Divya its much stronger than the regular double sided tape and is especially popular with crafters who make albums because of its strength. Also regular double sided adhesive called wonder tape is not heat resistant and there is hardly any choice of size

        4. You have featured one of my favorite "go to" products...Tacky Tape! I use various widths for different projects but one of my favorites is to use it to adhere ribbon so that it doesn't slide all over the place! Great stuff...
          The projects you featured using it are incredible, as always....so much detail!!!
          Hoping you're mending well!

          1. Thank you so much Susan...yes I am doing good now ...was missing from blogland for more than a month

        5. A wonderful collection of projects Sonia, such lovely bright colours - they are all fabulous but I particularly like the beaded frame.
          I have Birthday Candy on my blog if you would like to take a look - http://craftingwithcotnob.blogspot.co.uk/

        6. good to see you back Sonia, wishing good health and sending lots of cheer your way !!

          1. Thank you so much Suman...off to your blog!

        7. Glad you are doing OK Sonia! I was wondering why you hadn't posted for so long!
          This red tape is a MUST to have on hand in any craft room and you've done a brilliant job showcasing different ways in which it comes in handy!! I especially love the frame with the seed beads you've attached to it!! Love your ideas!! Thanks for sharing! ;) Take care!

          1. Thank you so much Vicki..I did miss my bloggy pals

        8. Oh my word!!! Doc you are a genius!!! Such awesome, amazing projects! Hats off!

          1. Hehe your comment has put me in such a good mood Erum..I sorely missed the morale boosting comments from talented fellow crafters!

        9. Fabulous post Sonia, so much information, I keep going back and reading it over and over!
          good to see you back and that your health has improved.
          Take care, Hugs Jacee
          Simply Paper Card Design

          1. Thank you so much Jacee...I did put in a quite a lot of work into this post and am thrilled you liked it

        10. How lovely to see you back Sonia and so glad to hear your health issues are sorted..a fabulous post with so much helpful information and fantastic projects as always..take care.

          luv CHRISSYxx

        11. Wow Dr sonia, how many tricks with the double side strong adhesive!! Thanks so much for sharing! Love expecially the clever idea to heat embossing it for a border, it gives a fabulous look!!
          All your projects are gorgous and your doughter is very talented, as you are!! :D
          Thanks for your lovely comment to my blog post
          Cheers and happy crafting!

        12. Wow Sonia so much inspration and some truely fabulous creations thank you for sharing
          Kevin xx

        13. take care sonia. wish you a good health always. i always feel energized to read your posts. thanks for writing and boosting

        14. Thanks for experimenting with double sided adhesive tape and sharing the tips and tricks with us Sonia...All the projects are awesome ..Really tempting to buy...Take care...

        15. Anonymous13/4/15

          Welcome back, glad you're better. Great post.

        16. tfs these are so pretty. hugs

        17. Have missed you in Blogland Sonia, nice to see you back with another great post.
          Look after yourself, Julie xx

        18. Will e-mail this tutorial to all of my scrapbooking friends. Very helpful tutorial and thanks for sharing this. Love the projects and will being doing this now.

        19. Wow welcome back dear.....missed you and your creations ......May God bless you with good health and all the happiness. You are back with the bang.
          Keep inspiring.lovely.Thanks for sharing and inspiring.....cheers

        20. Hi Sonia, so happy to read that your health issues have improved, and my goodness, what a wealth of information in this marvelously interesting post. Loved seeing all the wonderful crafts you & your daughter have been working on, enjoyed seeing the pictures too. I especially love the embossing powder on that tape...what an easy way to make this decorative strip! Never thought to try that. It was most informative to see all the different surfaces this tape works on. TFS & thank your daughter for sharing her contributions too. Hope you continue to improve day-by-day and Big hugs. Hope your wkend was great.

        21. This is such good information and I am going to put it to use this week. Thanks, and glad you are back.

        22. Really great projects Dr. Sonia! Love the nice red set. NancyD

        23. Incredible you got around to checking if these projects will accept the tape well - fun and beautiful they are too.

        24. Good to see you back in blog-land Sonia. Thank you for sharing all the different ways to use tacky tape with projects.

        25. Sonia, your projects are beautiful. I especially like the altered box. Thanks for showing all the ways red tacky tape can be used. I didn't realize it was so versatile.

        26. That is one strong adhesive! Thanks for sharing the various uses.
          Glad you are on the mend. Take care!

        27. Great tips- I love to emboss on sticky tape! I hope your health issues are resolved and you are back to yourself!

        28. amzingg... super awesome

        29. I'm so glad you are back and that you are feeling better. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. All of your projects are absolutely amazing!! You showcase the tacky tape perfectly!! And such a sweet and beautiful crafting partner you have!! Love all of these!! Hugs my friend!!

          A Mermaid's Crafts

        30. Great to see you back in blog land. Sorry to hear you've not been well, I hope your recovery is speedy.
          Fantastic uses for red tape and it's wonderful to see your lovely daughter have a starring role in the photos. Sending you all a big hug, Debra x


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