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         Hi friends, this month I am donning my Designer cap for  Crafters Corner once again and reviewing a product I have fallen thoroughly in love with and going gaga all over!! 
            I am sure all of you at one point or the other have wielded a brush , dipped it into some yummy paint and let the inborn artist in you have fun!
            Painting  must have given you the most enjoyment in childhood as at that point we didn't have to worry about which paint, what surface , will it work and what not!!
            Now there are so many different paints for different surfaces that for an average person it gets soooo confusing and the down side is that if you get it wrong all your hard work just literally flakes off !
             I was so excited about FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paints ,from PLAID [the manufacturers of Modpodge] because as the name suggests it is just that....a wonderful one stop solution...you can use it to paint on multiple surfaces such as:-
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Terracotta
  • Plaster
  • Thermocol[styrofoam]
  • Clay
  • Tiles
  • WallS
  • Wood
  • Silk
  • Fabric
  • Canvas
  • Plastic
  • Concrete 
Yes that is a huuuge list!

And have a look at the amazing comparison chart from the PLAID website. All those little black dots above a paint's name show what the paint can be used for .
Comparison of Paints
And yes as you can see ,Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  is clearly the big boss of paints!

Key Features of Folk Art Multi Surface Paints 

I love to observe the way a product is designed and when I find the manufacturer has put in effort I just can't help but marvel at the genius involved!
  1. We all love to use paints that come in ready to use colors thus avoiding the trouble of mixing colors to get shades! These paints  are available in an amazing 40 colors ...in different variations such as bright ,soothing pastel and even chalky colors
    Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  
  2. They are absolutely non toxic hence ideal for use by crafters
  3. They come in lightweight plastic bottles ---yes no cases of broken bottles if you knock over your paint!
  4. The lid design of the bottle is a clever flip open type and yes that means easy replacing the lid and no hunting for lids ...makes it so much easier if you are a "in rush" and messy crafter like me! And as you know acrylic paints dry out fast and this type of lid design is a distinct advantage! 
  5. The lid has a nozzle which is just the right size to allow you to squeeze out drops  of paint onto your palette. I found this a distinct advantage over the wide mouth usual paint bottles .
  6. Since these paints can be used for multiple surfaces if you want to make matching items for your home eg if you want to paint a matching ceramic vase, wooden tray , paper mache box....you don't have to shop for different types of paints but just pick up the versatile Folk Art Multi Surface Paint   !

How to Prepare your surface for painting

Though we all like to jump right into painting here are a few tips to prepare your surface to get the best results [ From Plaid Website]
  • Wood: Sand smooth with fine grit sandpaper, wipe away sawdust.
  • Tin: Wash with soap and water; wipe with white vinegar dampened cloth, then rinse with water and let dry completely.
  • Glass/Ceramic: Wash with soap and water; wipe with rubbing alcohol dampened cloth.
  • Terra Cotta: Wipe clean; seal pot interior with paint or two coats of FolkArt Waterbase Sealer. If terra cotta will not be used as a planter, simply paint.
  • Canvas: Wipe primed canvas clean; if unprimed, apply a couple coats of FolkArt Gesso Primer.
  • Rigid Plastic: Wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Paper Mache: Wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Plaster: Wipe clean with damp cloth.
  • Concrete: Coat with white vinegar, let dry, rinse, and dry thoroughly.
  • Fabric: pre-wash in soap and water, dry thoroughly without fabric softener or dryer sheet.

Painting on Wood 

Wooden Hanger
            I had recently picked up this wooden cloth hanger for my bedroom thinking I would decoupage it but felt lazy on thinking of decoupaging all those curved parts! When Shalini discussed  Folk Art Multi Surface Paints with me...I jumped at the chance to use it on my wooden cloth hanger!
Painting Wooden knobs
Beginner's Painting Tip : If like me you plan to use white and other colors on a project ...finish off the other colors first as unless you are an especially clean and meticulous painter you will splatter colors on your white!
Painting and Sanding

Once I painted to wood and metal parts in white and the most gorgeous chalky pink I used a sanding tool to gently sand and smoothen the blotchy less than perfect areas 
Buying Tip : There is a really cute and handy Mod-podge Tool Kit available at Crafter's Corner with a useful Distressing and Sanding tool[awesome for card making and scrapbooking too], Squeegee[ super useful in decoupage], 3/4 inch flat brush [ perfect for painting large surfaces]apart from 2 handy scissors and a scale all neatly packed in a plastic see through pouch!
Wooden Hanger Painting 

Now let me confess I am not an artist in any sense of the word but I am sharing a few steps of how a total novice like myself  could achieve a lovely painted article!
 Painting Flowers
  Love how we can squeeze out just a few drops from the cleverly designed bottle. the Folk Art Multi Surface Paints have a creamy consistency and are not running or too thick....just perfect for a beginner!
Double loading a Brush
        Many of you may be familiar with the famous One stroke Painting technique by Donna Dewberry if not do google and you will find amazing works and tutorials!She even has some videos using Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  
Double loading a Brush
I will not say my flowers and leaves are exactly the one stroke technique as mine are too amateur and simple. Double loaded an angular brush with 2 shades of paint and blended them by brushing on paper. You can use a flat brush you have.
Double loading a Brush
Since I was quite new to this type of thing I practised a few flowers on paper first and you can see how funny some of my trials look!
Painting trials
Well in the end I managed to paint passable flowers!
Painted Wooden Hanger
Added a few leaves and it even started to look beautiful !

Painted Wooden Hanger

My husband usually is rather meagre with appreciative words on my creations but this simple handpainted project elicited a "wow" from him and yeah that made by day!
Painted Wooden Hanger

I painted a few "buds" on the edges of the hanger and added simple leaves.

Painted Wooden Hanger
The whole project was so simple and gratifying to do!!

Painted Wooden Hanger
I was so happy at the success of  hand painting the wooden hanger I ventured to make a matching wooden basket!

Wooden Basket
Decided to alter the wooden basket shown above in the same way
Painted Basket
Gessoed the basket and painted it white and added simple 5 petal flowers.
Handpainted basket
 Shalini knows my obsession with adhesives so she sent me this wonderful glue from Modpodge called "wonder glue" in my DT kit ! 
Wonder Glue
   It was perfect to add some heavy bling to my wooden basket!
Wooden Basket
Linethe sides of my basket with a pearl mat and also wound a string of pearls around the  top arch!

Handpainting Crafts

It was tricky to paint large 5 petal flowers on the arch so I just swirled my brush and made "buds"

Handpainted Wooden Basket
Also added some "swirled" buds to the edges of the basket

Handpainted Wooden Basket

Painting on Plastic

Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  
I am sure everyone will have some or the other plastic item at home just begging to be altered! Well I went to work with some plain takeaway containers
Painting on Plastic
Again painted simple 5 petal flowers.

Decorative Painting on Plastic
  When trying Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  on plastic I found that it took on the colors well but if you really wanted an opaque covering you needed to use more paint if you are using the pastel shades.
Easy Painted Flowers

Painting on Metal

Metal Tin
Since I wanted to see how it would work on metal I used it to alter this heart shaped metal tin !
Using a Stencil
Since Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  work beautifully with stencils I tried using it with a Memory Box stencil I had
Stencil Brush and Paint
I used a stencil brush and Folk Art Multi Surface Paints to create a lacy design on the metal tin
Stencil and Painting
Though there was something charming about the lacy design I got I didnt quite like it !
Lacy Painted design
       Now here is what I really loved about the Folk Art Multi Surface Paint  .....they are easily washable! If you are not happy with what you painted...you can easily wipe it away or wash it off while it is still wet!
2 tone painting
So after I washed the whole thing off I thought I would go the floral way again!
Double loaded my paint brush with vintage white and baby pink to paint simple daisies on the lid of the tin.
Simple daisy
  I didn't use brush strokes but rather just dabbed on the paint using the edge of the brush and I love the slightly textured look that left on the metal surface!
Added a few leaves and swirly vines and filled in the gaps with little dots of paint!
Hand painted Tin Box
For an amateur handpainted project I feel rather happy about it! What do you think my friends?
Painted Tin Box


  1. Absolutely stunning Sonia these are so pretty.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  2. Your flowers aren't passable....!!! They are just wonderful!!! :D You have given a fab look to your items with them, such a soft painting, so sweet and happy! Lovely works!
    Thanks so much for all these informations, love these paints, they are so useful and versatile! They paint really all... The plastic, too!!! It's so difficult found a good paint for it! Fab notice!
    Thank you, Dr. Sonia!

  3. wonderful projects, Sonia! Your little pink flowers are gorgeous, and so are your other projects. Who would not enjoy having those home decor items in their own house? Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the steps and your lovely talent. hugs, de

  4. Hermosos todos los proyectos!!

  5. Wow, thise are realy amazing project, and for the hanger and basket I have realy thot that it was a napkin, but nooo you have paint it youre self, whell donn!!
    Briliant work!!
    ♥Hugs Valentina♥

  6. Oh my gosh, you did an amazing job, Sonia!! The flowers look absolutely gorgeous!! Wow!! I love, love all of your projects!! Stunning my friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. I love the coat hanger. Those flowers are so pretty. you have such talent. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. These are all so Beautiful Sonia. Your flowers and leaves are painted so perfectly..Loz

    1. Thank you so much Loz.. its my first trial at something akin to one stroke painting!

  9. WOW, you are so creative!!! I love your fun painting projects! Great inspiration and fun ideas! Very informational and interesting...I need to go outside my box some and give this a try!
    Sherrie K

    1. Thank you so much Sherrie...my painting skills are pretty basic so ithe means a lot!

  10. Absolutely love your painting skills Sonia, you must do more of it! I was eyeing these paints for a while, guess its time to get them home ;-)! Would love to know where you got the wooden basket from?

    1. Tanvi yes the paints are cool...creamy chalky and lovely pastel colors...get the colors you want fast as even for my DT project many had sold out! The wooden stuff are from Itsy Bitsy RMV store ...I dont thinks its online yet

    2. Thanks a ton! Another reason to visit the RMV Store, your Itsy Bitsy post was tempting enough!

    3. Tanvi I visited the RMV store this afternoon and the basket is sold out!

  11. Sonia,your flowers look gorgeous !! sometimes we forget the easy old techniques, paints are so versatile,love that these work on all surfaces !!

  12. Do these bottle have a spraying facility, a spray nozzle? Glass bottles arent easy to paint with a brush. The spray on a bottle becomes even on the surface.

    Lovely painting. Wow! the hanger looks vintage infact. Lovely work

    1. Aishwarya acrylic spray paints are available from different companies but most are toxic and have to be used outdoors. They dont come in glass bottles but plastic bottles with nozzles which makes painting with them easier.

  13. So informative and wonderful makings! You are truly a gem!!!
    Love these gorgeous painted flowers Sonia out of folk art, made me inspiring now!
    Thanks for joining at Dreamtime Craft Supplies!
    Vinita Jain

  14. Flowers looking awsome.I first thought its stickers.I love these colours too.can I use this to paint Coffee mugs? I have plain white coffee mags.Painting will be water proof?and I want to try decoupage on glass bottle with decoupage tissues.Can I use these colours as base for glass decoupage?

    1. Priyanka yes you can use these to paint on glass and ceramic but drying time on these surfaces is more.And yes it can be dishwasher washed too though they advise you not to soak the articles.Though non toxic the manufacturers advise not to paint on surfaces which come in contact with food. And yeah why not use them for decoupage the pastel shades are so lovely !

  15. OMG!!! These are awesome..loved the paints...love the projects..and thanks for sharing the comparison chart too Sonia! :)
    Suchi xx

  16. Super pieces Sonia and your painted flowers are beautiful.

    B x

  17. Wow! Your creations look like a seasoned pro painted them. I can't believe this was your first attempt. Another wonderful tutorial and it's great how you've listed the preparation for each surface. Gorgeous flowers and leaves! Debra x

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  19. You never fail to impress me. I would never know by looking at those flowers that you were an amateur. They're beautiful. I've always wished I could paint and now I want to go find something to try and paint flowers on

  20. Absolutely stunning on all of them, just gorgeous, hugs, Lori m

  21. Your projects are wonderful. Plaid paints are great to work with.

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  23. Your painted flowers look really amazing here Sonia!! These are really fun projects!! Thanks for sharing! HUgS

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  25. Beautiful work Sonia!! Your hand painted flowers look stunning!! Beautiful painting!
    Moxie Craftie

  26. You did a beautiful job on the flowers! Amazing! Thanks for joining us at Dreamtime Craft Supplies! Jeanie, DT

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  28. U r god gifted so keep on the human effort

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    sparkle & shine, kindness *~*

  31. Wow! Your painting is really amazing and your tutorial is very helpful. Thanks for joining at Dreamtime Craft Supplies first challenge.

  32. How lovely are these projects! Picking the right supply will yield the best results.

  33. Great pieces! Your painted flowers are so beautiful!

  34. Oh my goodness - these are so beautiful and your fabulous painted flowers! WOW!

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    Loved the hanger the most :)

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  38. Great projects, Dr. Sonia. How nice to have such pretty things for your home that you altered yourself.

  39. Clever ideas for the home. Thanks for the inspiration Cheers my friend

  40. From where can I buy these paints ? I want to try it.

    1. From Crafters Corner...I have shared the links in the blogpost itself at the end of the post under Supplies


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