Ice cream Stick Crafts - Puppet/Bookmark

Stick puppets
Crafts using Ice cream Sticks or Lolly Sticks are super fun crafts to do with kids. My daughter really enjoyed this one.Its quick and takes less than 5 minutes ,so do try them with your little ones
Materials Required
Ice cream Sticks / Lolly Sticks
Glue or Glue drops
Stickers or anything else you fancy
Embellishments- optional

Candy Stick Craft
How to make the Ice cream  stick Puppet or Book mark
Its a pretty simple craft but lets make it simpler with instruction!
1.Choose how much of the candy stick you want the sticker to cover.When working with little ones its nice to mark and tell them to paint below that line.
2.Paint the stick.The color in favor at home right now is pink so here is my little one painting her candy stick pink for the pink princess sticker.
Homemade stick puppet
Stick Puppet
3.Stick the sticker on stiff card to give it some strength and cut it out.If you are using puffy stickers like we did here keep them on the original sheet and cut out.Glue the sticker on the stick with white glue,sticky tape or glue drops.Whenever I craft with my little one I find glue drops invaluable. They are fast and non messy.
Stick Puppets
4.Embellish your puppet.Here my little one is using small "bindhis "[ a popular fashion accessory for Indian women].The princess below has stars on her Ice cream stick.

Candy Stick Craft
For this one we used a the flower from a hair accessory which had broken. I added a felt leaf
Flower Bookmark
Princess Puppets
Here are links to more Ice cream stick crafts


  1. i likeit so Beautiful!
    Groetjes Baukje

  2. Thank you Baukje
    Thank You Asmita

  3. very pretty ,nice idea.

  4. Very good idea! Lovely bookmarks!

  5. Thank You Hussena
    Thank You Kiddo

  6. HOW CUTEEEEEEE! Your little princess is the cutest though :). Wonderful idea to remember when Marc grows up! you can have a puppet show like that! Cheap and quick :)

  7. love the idea....

  8. Anonymous8/2/12

    Hi. Lovely ideas. I hope to adapt this to an Indian princess for our blog www.ickyyuckymucky.wordpress.com that has some icky recipes and messy art for young children. The blog is based on a recently launched book for children titled "Icky, Yucky, Mucky!" with a rather different royal family as its protagonists. Do visit and take a look


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