Edible Craft- Mashed Potato

Like all mothers I am also sometimes challenged to get my child to eat.With my daughter if she is involved in the food preparation the food goes in easier!
Here is what we cooked up!

Edible Craft Mashed Potato Characters

Mashed Potato Characters
  1. Potatoes- boiled well
  2. Salt- to taste
  3. Milk powder
  4. Pepper powder- to taste
  5. Butter
Boil the potatoes well.Peel and Mash the potatoes.Little hands can help in mashing and mixing.Just be sure to give a wide bowl .

Mashed Potatoes Craft
Add some salt , freshly crushed pepper powder,butter and some milk powder.
Here is my little one crushing the peppercorns.
Edible Craft Tutorial
Kids and Cooking Craft
Shape into characters using your hands or cutters or an icing bag.
My daughter cannot handle pressing through a piping bag so we used cookie cutters. If you have play dough cutters they will work just fine.
Mashed Potato Craft

Cookie Cutter Craft
 Make characters.Here the eyes are cloves, the nose a pistachio and the mouth cashew nut.
Nuts Craft
 The Star has star eyes made of cloves and a cashew mouth. My daughter decided the star does not need a nose!
Edible Craft
The eyes of the diamond character are cloves , the nose is a cooked kabuli chana [a type of pulses] and the mouth is a slice of dried apricot.
Edible Art
 Its ready to eat as such or if you want pop it into your microwave and grill for 2-4 minutes or bake in the oven for 5 minutes.Try different ways as the taste is different yet as yummy baked ,grilled or as such!
Happy Cooking
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  1. Kids are same everywhere .
    for my daughter ive tried many ideas.
    i used to decorate chapathis with ketchup,peppers and nuts and make a smiley face .and so on .hugs to your little one ,so nice to see her helping mum.

  2. Thank you Angelin. For my daughter if she helps to cook it she likes to eat it but its often not possible to allow her to help!

  3. Doc this is sheer innovativeness.. I agree kids are the same everywhere.. My nephews and niece trouble me enough...

  4. Replies
    1. This post is featured here - http://mindfull-meanderings.blogspot.in/2012/02/yummy-tummy-wednesday.html


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