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I saw a lot of my fellow blogging crafters participate in challenges,link ups,blog hops etc. It is a new concept for me and  while browsing I came across 365 cards. They don't have rules about backlinking to your older card creations and I found this very nice as I often cant sit down and make a card for a specific challenge unless its inspired by the person I am giving it to. So for the fun of it I posted a link to an old card creation and was delighted to be featured as a spotlight designer at 365 Cards!Being new to this sort of thing I actually don't know what that means but It does sound good!

This is the card I had linked up for a theme on glittery cards.This card has 4 layers and is a castle card with 3 folds and incorporates a shaker card featuring my daughter and my niece for whom the card was meant
Castle Card

Shaker Card in Castle card
Being a lover of pop up cards I had also put in a pop up castle on the inside of the card from Robert Sabudas patterns.
Pop Up castle Card


  1. congrats doc.. this is good stuff...

  2. Thank you Khushboo It is so nice of you to pop in so often and leave such loving and encouraging comments. God bless you!

  3. WOW... great stuff! Such amazing work in the details.

  4. Congratulations Sonia:-)

  5. hey !congrats !its truly a sensational card !!

  6. congrats dr sonia on being selected the spotlight designer but truth to tell even i don't know much about these things i guess it will take some time before i get to know all the details of blogging.

  7. Thank you Divya
    Thank you Romina
    Thank you Hussena
    Its maybe not a big deal but in the art and craft field appreciation and recognition means a lot!

  8. Thank you Andy of Digi Street
    You have some lovely drawings on your site


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