Pop Up Card Banner Card Tutorial

Pop Up Banner Card

Pop Up Birthday Card
This is a simple pop up  card to make.It is ideal to pop up the sentiment in your greeting card. You don't need templates and that is the fun part of this technique I am going to show you as you can tailor it to suit the card you are making.

1.Cut a piece of card to form the base of your Banner.
Shape:It can be any shape square,rectangle,trapezium.
Width: Wide enough to hold your Banner  + can be as wide as your card
Height:The height of the folded base + the pole piece of the banner + Banner height should be such that the whole mechanism fits in your folded card.Go ahead and experiment a little here.
2.Fold the base in half
Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 1
3.Make a slit in the folded top part of the base piece wide enough to let the pole piece slide freely.
4.This is how the cut out top looks like
Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 2
5.Fold up 0.5 to 1cm of both ends of the base piece
6.Cut the pole piece width to easily fit through the slot in the top of the base piece.Its length should be long enough to pop out of the folded base piece but not too long as to go out of the folded card.

Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 3
 7.Fold in the 2 ends of the pole piece
8.Place the whole mechanism on the card and check the mechanism to see the sliding movement and also if it fits well in the folded card
Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 4
9.Glue the folded ends of the pole piece at the central crease line of the Card
10.This is how the pole piece will pop up on opening the card flat

Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 5
11.Insert the Base through the pole piece
12.Apply glue to one of the folded ends of the base piece
13.Glue it in place to one side of the card in such a way as to form a tent

Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 6
14.Apply glue to the other end and fold the whole pop up mechanism flat with glue surface up
15.Fold the Card closed, press and hold for some time to let the glue dry
16. The opened up card will show the pop up
Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 7
17. Make a Banner with the sentiment and stick it on the Pole piece of your Banner
Pop up Banner Card Tutorial 8
Your Banner Pop up Card is ready!


  1. thanks for the tutorial Doctor its clear and easy to follow and can u please tell where u got the stencil for the sentiments its way too good i have never come across it yet.

  2. Thank you Hussena. The template is perhaps new in the market. Its made by a malaysian company called FEMA priced at I think rupees 75 or so. Its available in many shops. I have seen it at Devi and Co, Commercial street as well as Mutlistationary shop,Bel Road both in Bangalore
    I have added the details of these shops in my post to craft supply stores

  3. And another great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it :)

  4. Hi Sonia
    Thanks again for sharing tutorial.Pretty card with lovely details.

  5. Thank you Manuk
    Thank you SOnia

  6. Amazing Tutorial ..awaiting my weekend to give it a try :)

  7. Hi!! Thank you for shring such wonderful projects. My daughter is eager to get started on some of them... Where would I find the needle tool for the parchment card and the stamp cutter for butterfly designs etc?

    Thanks again!! - Bridget


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