Stencil Art Tutorial - Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal Stencil Art Tutorial
We went craft material shopping yesterday to Commercial Street Bangalore and discovered a new craft supply shop [Devi and Co]- Details in my post on Craft Material supply stores in India. My daughter found a Taj Mahal Stencil which looked so delicate and intricate that in my mind I thought she would be disappointed when she tried it herself but I was the one in for a big surprise!
My daughter has been fascinated with the Taj Mahal ever since we made a Taj Mahal Model as part of a school project!
Since its a Taj Mahal she tells me " Mama I have to paint it white only" So we chose a black chart paper  for the white Taj Mahal.
Materials for Stencil Art
  1. Stencil- store bought or home made- believe me you can make one at home too!
  2. Poster colors of good quality- should not be too lumpy or runny
  3. Paint palette or surface to apply and mix your paint
  4. Sponge - chose the size depending on the intricacy of the pattern you want stenciled
  5. Sticky tape or cellotape
  6. Chart paper or card 
  7. Clean Hands!
Steps in Stencil Art
  • Lay down the stencil on the chart paper.
  • Tape down the stencil firmly on the paper. This is so that it does not move and also so that its absolutely flat and your paint wont seep through the gaps. 
  • If you are using sticky tape let some of the stickiness wear off my sticking it on cloth twice before you stick it on your paper otherwise when you peel off the tap at the end of the project a little bit of the paper surface remains on the tape!
  • Stencil Art Tutorial
  • Apply thick poster paint on to the palette.Mix well to see that there are no lumps and it is not runny
  • How to do Stencil Art
  • Dip the sponge gently in the paint
  • Dab off excess paint on another clean area of the palette 
  • Stencil Art Tutorial
  • Gently dab on to the taped stencil.Avoid sweeping movements as stencils withe delicate parts can let the paint seep under the design if you do a sweeping motion.It should be a gentle dab and lift technique which my daughter mastered perfectly that even I was amazed!
  • Once the stencil has been completely covered with paint remove the sticking tape
  • Voila your Stencil Art is ready.
    Taj Mahal Stencil Art Tutorial
My little one was quite pleased with her achievement!
Taj Mahal Stencil Art 
Please Do check out our Taj Mahal Model and Taj Mahal Painting also


  1. Your lil one is soo cute... And she does some great work.. Can see a future blogger in her..:-)

  2. lovely...cute work

  3. Your Cutie has surely started really early... She's lucky to have a mommy like you... This is one talented Mother Daughter Duo!!! And wanna say thanks for the flower tutorial... used them on my paper bags...

  4. OMG, this is SO GOOD. Congrats, your daughter will be a great artist one day. I am so glad that as a doctor you value the stress relief value of art and craft. I am simply addicted and find it a big pillar for me... anytime I am stressed I make a card and I forget everything.

    This Taj Mahal is wonderful... frame it, Mummy.
    xxx Monica

  5. hey !how young is ur angel ??a little crafter in d making :)beautiful !!

  6. This is soooo beautiful, I have not seen a stencil like that here. Your little girl is evidently enjoying herself so much, and what great results! Hugs from Germany, Valerie

  7. wow!.. soo beautiful!.. she is soo adorable! :D

  8. your daughter is so adorable ,and she has done an awesome job on the taj mahal it looks just perfect.

  9. Thank you guys for all the love you send our way!

  10. Hi Sonia...amazing wrk..your daughter is very talented...Taj Mahal looks awesome :)

  11. WOW !
    i can see the happiness in your daughters face . nice work.

  12. What a talented little girl! But no surprise there since she takes after her mother :)Looking forward to see more creations from the two of you. I think a lovely work like that Taj Mahal deserves a nice frame.

  13. great tutorial, thank you!


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