A Fairy Tale Competition Win

Fairy Tale Drawing Competition
So thrilled to share with my blogger friends who have always appreciated my daughters talents that she won the drawing competition in her school!
I am quite proud to say my little one goes to one of the best schools in Bangalore ! Why I love the school is they give so much importance to arts, crafts,sports and not just academic.This year even cooking was part of the curriculum!! [And they teach chess to 5 year olds!]
Every year they have a drawing competition. This time they had a choice of 2 themes- "my fav fairy tale "or "outer space" and we had to teach the children from home. 
I wanted her to opt for outer space as I thought aliens and rockets would be easy to draw but my 5 year old has a strong will power and decided it was a fairy tale- sleeping beauty to be specific complete with castle ,chariot, fairy and the villain dragon! 
How to draw a castle and chariot
Like in most families , the "mom" was entrusted with the task of coaching her! I was confident of my daughters talent as last year too she had won the school drawing competition  but I was not too sure of my talents in teaching her to draw this particular theme! When she grasped the castle and the chariot with ease, we tried the mandatory princess which was tougher than I thought!
Happy Fairy!
I must admit my daughter's fairy always looked better than mine! We made different hairstyles for the fairy and the princess!
I did question my decision to teach a 5 year old to draw a dragon as I had to practice myself to get it to look like a dragon! but she learnt it so well and I think this fiery cute dragon was the deciding factor which won her the competition ! The spines on the dragon were her own special touch which I hadnt even taught her!
My little ones own Fiery Dragon
Yesterday we got her certificate and prize and I also got a written pat on the back from her class teacher who wrote in her term report card that "creative "support from home was making my kiddo shine in school! Ha Ha I was beaming away to glory!!
I am no art teacher and have no experience in teaching kids [ other than one strong willed little girl] but as a parent trying to get my kiddo to do her best sharing some 
Tips to Moms and Dads coaching their kids to draw
  • If you teach what interests them they will always draw better!
  • Do ask the child for ideas- believe me they do know how to draw better at times!
  • While teaching break down a picture in to shapes the child is familiar with and terms the child knows  eg "U", "W" or "3" or "M"
  • Dont be rigid something is drawn a particular way- change as you watch your child draw. If something looks too difficult change it-- eg we changed the  shape of the eyes to simple dots as all else made our princess and fairy look like witches!!
  • Practice one element at a time-- even the most patient of 5 year olds are not patient for a long art class!!
  • Before a competition always tell them to concentrate on their own work and not be distracted by friends! [I was told several of my daughters friends tried to copy what she was doing and did not draw what their parents had taught them!]
  • Give them a sequence on how to draw the scenery eg in our picture I asked her to complete the castle, the chariot, princess, fairy and dragon in sequence and then go in for the details such as the cloud , grass etc.
  • Teach them to completely utilize a page and not leave large blank spaces in a scenic drawing
  • If you can find out what size of paper will be given to the child in the competition you can help her to practice in similar size papers- my little one has a tough job judging sizes and fitting everything  so we did a lot of practice to get everything to fit well together
  • Whatever you try to teach them-- they will do what they want !!
  • Enjoy!
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  1. congratulations! Like mum like daughter!

  2. congrats Sonia ur kids are following u so they deserve it nice painting of ur daughter. God bless her

  3. Your daughter did a wonderful job on this. Very cute and next thing she can even write a fairy tale with this illustration to create a book :o)

  4. Thank You Erum
    Santosh I dont know if I would like my daughter to undergo the rigors of medical profession so if art is her calling -lets see!!
    Cabio -- Thank You and yes she did make a little book comic style!!

  5. Anonymous2/11/11

    This is a great drawing! Isn't it wonderful to see our children inherit our skills? WHether crafting, editing (like me) or medicine (like you), they get little pieces of us. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Many Many congrats to you & your fairy :)
    have fun!

  7. Erum rightly said like mom, like daughter.. :)) my hugs and love to Prisha

  8. Сongratulations!Всего самого наилучшего вам и вашей дочке!

  9. //Do ask the child for ideas- believe me they do know how to draw better at times!//
    In my case this is absolutely true and a better idea ,because my daughter has a beautiful handwriting than me .hugs and love to little pirasha .

  10. Thank You Dorcas yes its always fun to see which trait the child gets from each parent too!My hubby is quite artistic too though he only doodles on his prescription pad between patients [ He too is an ENT Surgeon but a super super busy one!]

  11. we are both blessed with talented , wonderful daughters .. i loved looking at your daughters art work. Brought back lots of cherished memories for me.
    How lovely you can share your love of craft/art together .. just as i do with my Beth
    Lisa x

  12. Hi Sonia,

    Hearty congrats and not at all surprising.

    Lovely drawing. Give her a big hug.

    xxx Monica

  13. Wonderful. The talent runeth over in your house. Congrats.

    Be Blessed, Beckie

  14. The painting looks Marvelous! Rightly said the children get our skills! Kudos to your daughter and the proud Mama! I appreciate your tips to mom and Dad!

  15. What a great drawing! You must be so proud of your little artist!! :)Amy

  16. That is so so very cute and creative! It's so sweet of you to write this post! I am sure she will grow up to be as (and God willing more) creative than her Mommy!


  17. Big congrats to Prisha on her win! It is a lovely drawing too and a great job! All credit to you for all your support! :)

  18. Prisha dear Congrats!!!! Wat a wonderful post Doc...I loved those tips for parents...Kudos to U too for inspiring ur Kid in arts n crafts other than studies.....

  19. congrats to your daughter on her win...its a beautiful drawing and the fact that she is only 5 makes it all the more amazing...like i said before talent runs in your family it seems...like mother like daughter:)

  20. Thank You Hussena yes I am so proud of her-nowadays shining in only studies does not give one an advantage in life isnt it!
    Sathya Thank You I shared the tips as I know many parents would put their kids for drawing classes and some cant cos of lack of time!
    Thank You Shobana- Yeah I was dragon mom for 1 week before the competition- after her to draw!!

  21. Sonia, you are such a good parent! A huge Congratulations to you both! How exciting for dear daughter, and for you! Her artwork is phenomenal! And it's crazy to think that as young as she is, she will just get better and better! Wowzers, can't wait to see her in a few years! Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. congrats, your daughter did great!, it takes me back when my kids and I would set together and draw, or do crafts . now there grown and they have there own talent in art!!

  23. Awesome post, Sonia! Congratulations to your daughter for her award and wonderful artwork and congratulations to you for being so inspiring to her (and to the rest of us bloggers out here!).

    I wrote about your blog on mine the other day...don't know if you saw it. ;)


  24. You must be so proud of your daughter, especially since her drawing outshines ones from kids twice her age. I love the detail on her images like the collars and the flowers on the dresses. I see that she has already mastered cursive writing. This is usually taught in our 3rd grade classes in our area. Continue to be supportive of her in her art, so she can grow up with an eye for beauty in the smallest of things.

  25. Congrats Sonia, u sure must be proud of your daughter, n I totally agree with ET, "like mum like daughter!
    PS: thanks for the tips, will keep them in mind when the time comes.

  26. Sonia, how awesome that your daughter won!! She sure takes after you in your talent!! What a wonderful sounding school!! Thank you for visiting my blog again!!

  27. brilliant I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  28. a big congratulations to your daughter. That's awesome

  29. oh my goodness CONGRATS to her! The drawing is just amazing, I love her dragon! She must be so excited and proud :)

    -rachel w k

  30. Awesome!! I can see how proud you are!!! How great that you she can go to a great school that art is important:)

  31. What a wonderful drawing. Congratulations to your daughter and you Sonia. You must be so proud of her. Mind you she has a very good teacher, her mummy!


  32. Sonia,
    That is such a sweet story, and great advice for cultivating our kids. Your daughter is lucky to have such a well developed and full curriculum, and a fabulously talented mom. She will be shining for years to come. Congrats to your daughter for such a cute drawing and winning the contest. It really is adorable. Thanks for sharing this.

  33. Congrats to your future artist daughter from a mother with a daughter who is studying Art Animation in college. I like the scene your daughter drew especially the Dragon.
    "Sunshine HoneyBe"

  34. Whoa! Proud momma moment! :)

  35. What a team the two of you are. Gosh, she draws much better than I could. Give her a big congrats for me....and you are to be commended for working so well with her. Wonderful times to enjoy.

  36. Congratulations to Prisha! A beautiful drawing and so vivid! Love it! And congrats to you for being a so loving, talented and patient mother!
    Thanks for sharing with us your both talent!

  37. congratulations to little prisha. I know how you must feel ,been there done that.

  38. Thank You so much dear friends I just had to share this winning drawing of hers as blogging and the encouraging comments I get only gave me the confidence to coach her myself for the competition!

  39. This looks like something that my daughter Zoi was drawing yesterday. Please come share at out first ever linky party at: www.ladybugswithzoi.blogspot.com

  40. Wow ...congrats ...Like mother like daughter

  41. Your daughter is very creative girl!... Great job! love it!

  42. Splendid work by a 5yr old. She's sure to beat you someday, which you won't regret, but be proud of. I liked the tips you shared; all correct but you forgot one. "Keep praising as they create." That will encourage them to do better. Today, my creative talent has reached this far all due to my mother showing off my work, praising & encouraging to do more. I miss her here.

  43. She is an artist. Great drawing! And congratulations to your daughter!
    Doc, thanks for the tips for parents.

  44. Congratulation Prisha. And Congratulations to you Mom. Looks like you have learned a good lesson. I like the last one. "They will draw what they want". LOL Keep enjoying your time with your precious Prisha, they grow up too fast.

  45. Wonderful..........
    Kids are always full of ideas..what they need from us is encouragement. Great job.

  46. Yes Linda -- she does draw what she wants and I just pray that what she does is"ok"!!
    Thank You Shalini-- Yes Shalini encouragement and "patience"!!

  47. Her drawings are wonderful and refreshing.

    Tell her to keep up the great art works, I look forward to seeing more.

    Thank you for sharing - everyone needs sunshine.

    Happy thoughts,

  48. What a wonderful drawing! So full of fun and imagination! Such a talented little girl! Keep up the good work!


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