Superhero Photo Pop up card

Superhero Pop up card
This Superhero Photo pop up card stars my hubby. My daughter and I had fun making this card. We used a free photo editing software call Fun Photor  [website: http://www.funphotor.com] for changing Dad into Superdad! I made all the images pop. Hubby is soon planning a trip to Denmark so I got some pics of Denmark and used them as the background. This was a fun birthday card to make!
Superhero Photo pop up card side view

Spiderman Climbing Up Card

I made mirror images of the Spider-man image in a standard photo-editing software to give a more realistic appearance to Spider-man climbing up the buildings!
Superheroes Pop Up card
You have to Climb and Climb before You can Fly! Good Day Everyone!


  1. Ahhh... I love the concept of super dad.. your husband's going to be soo thrilled seeing it i am sure of that..:-)

  2. Thank you Khushboo. Yes by Hubby loved it! Daughter was more fascinated I must say! It was the first time she was seeing such a photoediting!

  3. very nice and a lovely idea.
    when we make cards its my daughter who gives the lovely suggestions.
    super kids.

  4. Thank you Angelin. Yes Angelin children are so creative !

  5. Wow you are really good with Pop up cards! this is such a nice personal touch with the images :) wish a safe trip to your hubby :)

  6. Thank you Karuna for the compliments and the wishes.


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