Vegetable Carving

White Radish Birds
Radish is remarkably easy to carve and doesn't lose its color or texture. If you are planning a party you can make Radish birds even the previous night and store them in the fridge.If you are keeping them in the fridge store them in water in airtight containers to prevent drying up.The eyes are cloves and the beaks are carrots.The Radish birds are resting on Oranges!
Vegetable Birds
The brownish carved bird at the bottom corner is a yam bird.I found yam tough to cut!
The carrot bird has a red radish beak,crest and tail.Red radish is slightly trickier to shape ! The Carrot bird is resting on yam!
Brinjal Birds,Radish Roses,Onion Chrysanthemum

Brinjal[Aubergine or Eggplant] is such a pleasure to carve .Great for birds such as penguins.The heads of the brinjal birds are onion.The cap the Eggplant bird is wearing is again made out of the eggplant.You can make a complete cute bird from one brinjal without wasting any part of it!

Radish Birds,Grapefruit drumstick Cat
The  Citrus cat is made out of 2 grapefruits [Musambi] and has watermelon eyes and nose with drumstick ears. The whiskers are from the outer husk of a coconut!


  1. Anonymous1/9/11

    wonderful work
    do visit my blog too:karishmasahuji.blogspot.com

  2. i had a wonderful time watching this post they all look so cute ! especially the Citrus Cat

  3. Hi , Dr. Sonia it is really wonderful crafts...
    happy to visit your blog. Amazing !!

  4. Dr. Sonia, very beautiful vegitable carvings.
    i had a wonder to time to visit your blog. really amazing...

    1. Thank you so much Asha glad you liked my blog...keep dropping in


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