Pop Up Hamburger Card

Pop Up Hamburger Card
This is a pop up slider card made by my daughter. On pulling the tab the burger slides up to reveal the message

Pop Up Slider Card Burger

This Pop Up Slider Card was made by my daughter with a little help from me. The concept and idea was totally hers. We were in MacDonalds eating Burgers when she got this idea. This is her Birthday card for her Dad.[She calls him Boo Boo lovingly!]

Pop Up Card Fries and Sauce
The Card opens to reveal a popping up table with sauces to dip the French fries. Isn't it a cute idea from a 4 year old!.We can even do advertisements for MacDonalds!
Pop UP Card Mechanism
That is the Mechanism of the popping up table.
For Help to make a Pop up Slider Card Check out my Pop Up Slider Card Tutorial


  1. Fantastic idea from your little one.
    very nice.

  2. Yes Her Visit to Mac Donalds was inspirational !

  3. Thanks sonia for your kind comments. I'm glad you you enjoyed the tutorial. If you decide to pst your work using this tutorial on your site, do credit it back to my tutorial....so that more people can enjoy my creations!
    I love your pop up slider card...am surely going to try it out one of these days!

  4. Thank you Paru for dropping by. Yes I like your card and will surely post a link to your blog when I get around to making it.

  5. What an excellent idea from a 4 year old! McDonald's inspires me too! :) Thanks for playing along with us at 365 Cards!
    Aloha, Kim Mc
    365 Cards DT

  6. Such a great card made by your daughter - she should be very proud of her design! I think handmade cards by kids are absolutely precious :)


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