Teaching Kids the Calendar

The theme last week in my daughters class was Calendar. In her school they go quite in depth and teaching the calendar was not just naming the months but understanding the concept and history behind the whole calendar !
How do you explain the earth's and moons rotations to a 4 year old?! Well we embarked on a full scale project to take to her class.
Painting the Sun
Earths rotations and revolutions
The Sun was stuck on paper and glued to a split pin on the card board base. The earth and moon were tricky and the I got the mechanism right after experimenting with various rotational mechanisms using split pins and circles.
Solar and Lunar Calendar

Finally we had an earth rotating on its axis,a  moon rotating around the earth and the moon- earth combo rotating around the Sun. Finally my daughter could understand the lunar calendar, solar calendar and all the scientific stuff.


  1. Anonymous21/2/14

    This was very helpful in doing my son's science project.


    1. Thank you Nisha glad it was of help


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