Photo Pop up Slider Card

Photo slider card

The photo pops up to show the greeting
Photo pop up slider card- well that is exactly what it is.The photo pops up by a slider mechanism to reveal the sentiment in the handmade greeting card.We made this for my my cousin who is a favorite with my daughter!
Kicking Panda and Quilled flowers atop the Slider Card
Slider Card Side view
This was such a super fun and easy card to do. Here is the tutorial for the pop up slider card


  1. First time at ur space ... love ur wonderful crafts & carvings . Great to know that u take out time from ur busy schedule for ur hobbies too !!!

    - Smita

  2. lovely and cute,
    of course i agree with you sonia ,i don't bother about the measurements
    while making cards .i just take the ideas not the measurements .
    keep crafting .have a lovely weekend.

  3. Super cute! Anyone would love to receive this.

  4. Thank you So much Helen


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