Heart Punch Daisy Flower Tutorial

Heart Punch Paper Daisy Tutorial
I love the heart shape and invested in a heart punch. been experimenting with it and this is another easy but stunning flower which can be made in a jiffy using hearts. This is a 2 layered flower which reminds me of a daisy.
Materials required
8 Hearts
Heart Punch
1.Cut the hearts and give a gentle vertical fold to each cut half
Heart Punch Daisy Flower Tutorial 1
2. Apply a blob of glue to the area you want to stick the flower to. Start sticking the flower petals by the tip.As you go along you need to apply glue to the petal tips. I have used 8 petals [ 4 hearts ] for the base layer
Heart Punch Daisy Flower Tutorial 2
3.For the 2nd layer of flowers, apply glue to the tips and if needed the lower part of each petal and layer them on top of the base layer of petals.
Heart Punch Flower 2nd Layer
4.Position the top layer of petals so that the petals alternate with the layer of petals beneath.
2nd Layer of Paper Daisy Flower Petals

5.This is how the completed Flower looks. It is lightweight fluffy and elegant.Most of all it is super quick and easy to make.

Punch Craft Paper Daisy Flower Tutorial
6. Use a bead,button crystal,pearl ,quilled shape or paper disc to adorn the central part of the paper daisy flower.
Punched Flower Tutorial
Heart Punch Daisy Tutorial
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  1. you are becoming a master at tutorials, each one is very unique and best of all does not require very expensive punches.thanks for sharing.

  2. hello Sonia ..
    thank you so much for posting this tutorial .. helped me a lot ...

  3. hi
    would it be ok if i used your flower tutorials with my ladies in my card class this saturday, i would give you all the credit,

    1. Chris I would be honored and delighted...Thank You

  4. Hi dr. sonia plz help me to get these crafting materials .
    i want to but design paper cutter n craft papers n other stuff , can you plz tell me from where i can get it in bangalore ... plz reply

    1. Do check out this link:http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in/2011/04/craft-supply-stores-in-india.html

  5. Hello Sonia,
    I am sure you gonna recieve many comments from me in a day. Kya karu, I had strictly told myself no blogging today unless I try something, but can't stop myself from checking your elegant and yet superb simple styles... I really wanna buy out punches now... Damm urgent and try these superb designs.. Wow, I can imagine my Mother-in-Law going ga ga about it already ... lolzz. All credit to you yaa.....
    Thanks and keep posting please!!!

  6. wow...!!! so adorable... i jus cant leave your blog...such a varsatile blogger you ARE AND YOU REALLY DESERVE ...!!!

  7. Wow...super creative

  8. Today I made a rose bud and a rose following the slides. It was perfect. Thanks a ton Dr. I always visit your blog for inspiration and to learn. Stay blessed. Only set back is that I can't work late in the night due to my weakeye sight due to Glucoma.Crafting and my daughter and grand daughter keep me alive after my husbands death. I also did the paper Organizer set and credit is given to you. I downloaded a paper flower tutorial on my phone and it had some of your tutorials not full but the pictures. I remember them so well as I always visit your site and has it as favourites at home and office computers.Stay blessed. love you loads. I wish i get to see you some day. You are my inspiration you are my guru.Thanks a ton


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