Hippo Note Holder Tutorial

My daughter is going to a summer camp by Planet Kids. They do some awesome creative stuff there.This is what she brought home one day. I felt it was so very cute.Its a Hippo Note holder.

Hippo Note Holder

Hippo Note Holder

Googly Eyes or Card Paper eyes
Thick Paper
Cloth Peg
Double sided Foam
Cut out an oval for the  Hippo Snout ,a circle or oval for the face.
Colour in the oval shaped nostrils.For Young kids you can cut out some oval black nostrils for them to stick on the snout
Cut out triangles for the ears
Layer the snout on the face using double sided foam tape.Fix the Ears behind the Face.
Stick on Googly Eyes
Stick the Clothes peg on the back using Foam tape
Back of the Hippo Note Holder
Your Note holder is ready!
Have Fun.


  1. This is so very cute,a fun project for any small kid.

  2. Very cute note holder. I'm a new follower from the love link up party.

  3. Thank you for dropping in and becoming a follower Myapyapooh

  4. very cute Sonia .

  5. Thank You Angelin.My daughter was so proud of it!

  6. where could we get googly eyes in bangalore? would that place also have pipe cleaners? thanks

  7. Hi Perigos. Your query inspired me to write a post on craft supply stores in India: Check it out
    I have not actually enquired about pipe cleaners but commercial street and malleswaram fancy stores have googly eyes


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