Double Slider Magical Card

Double Slider Card Closed View
This is an interactive card. I love making a card with an interactive and unusual mechanism. This is a fun card which on pulling the tab on one side make 2 cards slide out from opposite ends.Its really magical.
Double Slider Card Slider Card panel
Double Slider Card one sliding card
Sliding Mechanism of Double Slide Card

Double Slider Card fully Slid open
  It is easy to make and instructions can be found on many places on the net.The images on this card are exclusively stickers. I used puffy 3 D stickers on the top panel and flat stickers on the sliding card panels. This type of card cannot handle 3 D embellishments as the slider mechanism will not work well with heavy and protruding decorations.
We have not decided who to give this card to. It should be a fun card for one of my daughter's friends.


  1. Очаровательно! Интересная открытка получилась!

  2. Love the card ... Looks like a double treat...!!

  3. Adorable card!


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