How to make Sponge Rose Bud Flowers

Sponge Roses Tutorial
Sponge Roses Bouquet
I am on a flower making spree! Making flowers from sponge is perhaps a forgotten craft. I remember seeing many sponge creations in my childhood but hardly anything now. Online too there are very few sponge flowers on Crafting blogs. While spring-cleaning I discovered some sponge sheets I had bought long back and decided to put them to use!
The flower I am going to show you is super easy to make. My daughter has made one too as you can see!
If you are crafting with kids let them roll the flowers but they will need help tying the final rose bud as the floral wire can be sharp for little fingers.
Sponge Flowers
Materials Required
Sponge Sheet - comes in so many delightful colors.
Floral Wire
Sponge flower making tutorial
Sponge Flower Making 
 1.Cut the sponge sheet into rectangular long strips
Length of the Sponge Strips: the length can vary with how full you want your rosebud to be.Short ones will make a bud while long ones can make securing the final flower difficult. I used on an average a length of 30 - 35 cm strips
Width: Don't cut it too narrow as it makes working with the rolling and securing the sponge flower difficult. Cut the width between 4- 5 cm.
Tip: You don't have to be really exact. My 4 year old even helped me cut the strips. Thats the wonder of working with sponge.Sponge Cuts even smoother than butter and all inaccuracies are lost in the stretchability of the material
Sponge Rose Flowers Tutorial
 2. Fold the rectangular sponge strips lengthwise
Sponge Flower Making
 3.Start rolling from one end.

How to make Sponge flowers
Here Is my daughter making the sponge flowers
Sponge flowers Kids craft
   4. You can add a twist if you like by making a 90 degree turn as you go along. It gives some added dimension but the Rose bud looks lovely even with simple rolling.
Sponge Flower Tutorial

Sponge Flower Tutorial

 5. As you roll you can shape your Sponge Rose Bud Flower.Keep a Tight hold on the flower base as you roll it.
Sponge Flower Rolled Rosebud
6. Take Floral wire and loop it loosely around the base of your Sponge rosebud.
Sponge Flower Making
Alternately if you like stitching you can secure your sponge rose using a needle and  thread to secure the base.
Sponge Rosebud Flower
Tips:Don't make the wire loop too tight as it can cut through the fragile sponge.Making it too tight can also change the shape of your flower. Don't worry its easy to get the hang of it even at your first attempt!You can stitch the base if you don't have floral wire.Using floral wire makes it very easy.
Sponge Flower on Floral Wire
7. You can cut off the Floral wire or keep it and use your rosebuds however you want.
Finished Sponge Sheet Flower
Some ideas to Use your Sponge RosebudsMake a brooch - In this case you can stitch the base to make it sturdier.
Adorn a gift
Use it as a card embellishment
Sponge Flower on a bamboo stick
Make a bloom and put it in a flower vase
Red Sponge Flowers
Rolled Sponge Flower
This is my daughters Sponge flower. See how cute it is.
How to make Sponge flowers
These are ideal flowers for little hands to make as they dont squash like paper and just rolling is required! This is one of the sponge flowers made by my little girl!
My Daughter's Sponge Flower
Our bouquet came together in no time! A bouquet of Sponge flowers!
Sponge flower bouquet
Edited: This Sponge craft flowers won 3rd Prize at Mindful Meanderings
Where to buy sponge sheets ? : Since sponge craft was an art popular in the 1980s and fallen out of memory it may be difficult to get sponge sheets these days.Your local fancy store may be stocking these if you are lucky!Otherwise keep a look out for sponge sheets that come as packaging when you buy electronic items or crockery.


  1. So sweet, Sonia. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter did a great job and the flowers are adorable.

    xxx Monica

  2. lovely flowers and so different

    chris xx

  3. Thank you Chris for visiting my blog and becoming a follower

  4. Cute project.

  5. really love this and daughter did great job.

    stopping in from made it myself mondays.

  6. I have some sponge at my home :) will ask P to try it too

  7. Hey Sonia, can u pls clarify whether the sponge sheet n foam sheet are same? Thanks in advance.

    1. Catherine sponge sheets are different from foam sheets. They are a bit difficult to get nowadays as I think hardly anyone crafts with it!

    2. very good i like these things i love craft

  8. Catherine sponge sheets are different from foam sheets. They are a bit difficult to get nowadays as I think hardly anyone crafts with it!


  9. Hi I need some push mlds and cutters for my clay jewelry making please help me where I can get all of these in online.

    1. Meghana Itsy Bitsy online shop has a few but Devi and Co shop Ebrahim Street Bangalore has a larger collection

  10. Any suggestions on where I can find sponge sheets?

    1. Christina you can really try your luck as I think its a dying hobby. For months I had not seen sponge sheets anywhere and last week I found some in a local stationary shop but the colors were a fluorescent green and magenta so I didnt buy!!

  11. hi lovely flower. can you tell me from where i can get quilling strips in lowest price in chennai?

  12. This is very great it looks fantastic. This helped for my work experience project

  13. This is very great it looks fantastic. This helped for my work experience project

  14. This helped for my project.thank you


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