Heart Shaped Spiral Pop Up card

Hearts are my favorite shape. This is a heart shaped card adorned with punched flowers and pearls. The center Rose is made from heart punches and I added a dash of golden glitter to make it special. 
Heart Shaped Card
Heart Punch Rose Flower
The inside of the card has a heart shaped spiral pop up.I stuck a punched yellow heart on the center of the Spiral heart pop up.Little red hearts track throughout the spiral heart.
Heart Spiral Pop Up
How to Make this card.
Heart Card template
Trace and cut out the heart card template. Use any heart shape you have and add a rectangle on the left hand top corner to give a fold .Place the Vertical on the fold of the cardstock and cut out your heart card.
The central yellow flower is made out of punched hearts.Click here for the Heart Punch Flower Tutorial.
If you want to make the spiral pop up mechanism check out the Spiral pop up card tutorial


  1. a very pretty card the flower has come out so well.


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