Recycled CD Craft

Recycling CD Craft
Recycled CD Craft 
You may be having lots of CDs you have no use for. Here is a simple yet cute craft to recycle CDs. This recycled CD Mouse craft was made by my 4 year old daughter in Summer camp at Planet kids . My daughter told me its to hang in our car but we felt little mouse should stay in our home and gave the little mouse a place in our drawing room!
How to Make this Cute Mouse
Materials to make a recycled CD Mouse
Old CD
Black colored Paper
Pink Colored paper
Sticky tape
Googly Eyes or Hand cut eyes

CD Craft-Mouse 
To make the ears cut out 2 large circles from black paper -with younger kids cut the circles out for them.Older ones can trace around a cup and cut out the circles.
Cut 2 smaller circles in pink paper and stick them over the large black circles
Make a radial slit on the circles and curve the flaps to create a ear shape. Glue or staple to hold the shape
Stick to the back of the CD using sticky tape
Make whiskers from thin black paper and stick on to the CD
Use Googly Eyes or hand cut white- black eyes for the little Mouse's eyes
Finally tape a loop of ribbon at the back of the CD so that you can hang your creation. Have Fun
How about a more elegant recycled CD craft ?
Check this link on how to make a box with recycled CDs
Recycled CDs craft
And dont throw away those CD cases : Here are some projects with recycled CD cases


  1. This is so clever and sooooo cute...

    xxx Monica

  2. Aaawww... The mouse looks so sweet! What a great use for an old CD!

  3. Thank you Manuk
    Thank you Monica

  4. this is really sweet :)
    Following u from '
    thanks for dropping by :)


  5. Another great idea Sonia. I love all the different crafts you come up with. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. What a great idea - yes, have lots of CDs that I keep thinking 'I can do something with those' - now I know what. Many thanks

  7. very nice and creative idea to use a CD to make something different..............
    keep posting many more craft work..........kudos to u............

  8. very nice and creative to use a CD in this manner.........keep posting more craft work........kudos to u..............

  9. Absolutely amazing...giving me ideas n encourage me to hv more fun with kids..thanks n keep posting

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