Make a Cup Cake Card Embellishment

Making a cup cake embellishment is fun. We made this cup cake from scraps of card, foam and photopaper[ the white icing is leftover photopaper] My daughter really loves to help choose the colors of the layers.
Cup Cake pieces
The icing layers can be cut free hand to layer over each other.Foam or thick card works well. Corrugated card looks nice for the base.
The vanilla stick is tightly rolled up cream colored paper with brown paper wound around it. It looks scrumptious!
Rolled up vanilla stick
Wafer Stick
 Thats the assembled Cup cake. We used double sided foam tape to stick the layers on each other to give a 3 D effect.
Assembled Cup cake Card
 Stick the wafer stick behind or between the icing layers
Cup Cake Card
 Making a Cup cake embellishment is a fun way to use up left over card pieces and do some recycling!


  1. my mouth is drooling seeing this yummy cake .fantastic work with your little one .

  2. very good idea doctor.

  3. this cup cake is fantastic and the stick looks so real,reminds me of the cho cho sticks available in market.

  4. This is very cute. I am your newest follower! When you get a chance please check out my blog...


  5. Thank you Arlene. You have a real cool crafty blog. I enjoyed visiting.

  6. If you look at it, it's not really a cupcake, it's a sundae, but great card nonetheless. I'm gonna try it.

    1. Yes you are right it is indeed a sundae!


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