Spinning Slider Card Tutorial

Slider Card
Here the Honey bee Slides across the aperture to reveal the Happy Birthday Message.
The sliding image is such a fun interactive mechanism to incorporate on a card.Its quite easy to make too.
Sharing instruction to make the interactive mechanism of a slider / spinner as shown in the Photo pop up slider card
Spinning Slider Card
This interactive card mechanism goes by various names you can call it a spinning card or a slider card or a penny slider card. It is such an easy mechanism that I thought I would share the method. I promise you it is a hit with anyone who receives it. We are all kids at heart and love to play!
1. Choose a rectangular or oblong shape 
2. Mark out the area for the sliding mechanism.- it needs to be large enough to stick a double sided foam tape.

3. Cut out the marked area- make smooth cuts so that your image can slide and spin smoothly
Spinner Card Mechanism
4.Place the image on the cut out slider and check out positioning
5.Use Double sided Foam tape- its the easiest.Give enough room to allow the image to slide.
6.Use a coin or a disc of thick card like I did and stick it to foam tape on the image
7.Stick the Whole slider piece on the card.
Slider Card Mechanism
Here is my favorite  character Pooh bear sliding across the card

Pooh Bear Slider Card
Children have such fun with interactive cards!

Pooh Bear Piggy Slider card
More Slider Interactive Cards

Slider card
Here the little fish slides across to reveal the sentiment.
Slider Card
Even a simple card can be made fun by adding this fun interactive mechanism.
Slider Card
Spinner Card Slider Card


  1. oh so CA-UTE!! Pooh's my favorite too! Thanks for playing in this week's "Spinner Card" challenge at 365 Cards! Can't wait to see what you do next!
    Aloha, Kim Mc
    365 Cards DT

  2. Thanks for the lovely post.
    Am planning to make one slide book for my baby. thanks a lot.


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